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6 Modern Media Room Trends We’re Expecting in 2022

Modern Media Room
  • October 18, 2021

Creating a modern media room or home bar needs some great ideas that feature shelving, walls, lighting, and more.

Designers do deserve a toast as they are responsible for coming up with some spectacular setups that can blow anyone’s mind. Here are some small media room ideas, plus a few more for a modern home bar.

  • Vintage walls

For a stylish bar, the walls differ from the rest of the room, and the space needs to entice your guests to come over and pour a drink.

Whitewashed antique brick walls provide a rich architectural history, ideal for any modern home bar.

  • Big screen TVs and projectors

For your modern media room, go for a big screen. This will make you feel like you are in a movie theater. Today, there are plenty of options for big screens, and you can even find one that covers a whole wall.

One impressive media room equipment would be an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector. When placed on a cabinet about a foot away, the screen can cast a brilliant display as large as 120 inches.

When not in use, the project can disappear inside the cabinet, and the screen can rise to the ceiling, and you could even use this room for other purposes.

  • Unique shelving

An eye-catching shelf and bar faucet works excellent for your modern home bar and can accentuate your walls. Glass shelving with metal accents can add a clean, modernistic look, while opting for wooden shelving can add sophistication to your home bar.

  • High tech sound systems

For your modern media room, having superior sound is a must. Some of this equipment offers soundbar and cinema systems that can literally blow you away. If you are looking for some earth-shaking sound that can rumble your whole house, Dolby is excellent and second to none.

You will be immersed in your movie and even get lost in it, which is the whole reason why you have a home media room.

  • Chunky wood accents

For the home bar, reclaimed wood is a popular material that adds a rustic texture to the modern home bar. It can be used to create some open shelves, and due to its thickness, these will undoubtedly draw attention to this drinking area.

  • Customized lighting

Small media room ideas provide plenty to work with when it comes to your media room. Light can quickly transform your simple space into a private cinema, and in fact, it is quite a necessity when you want your theater room to look the part.

But, an ideal media room design would be to have a lighting control system that’s both versatile and accommodating to all your needs.


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