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Matching Dish-Ware: Here’s How You Can Mix And Match Your Dish-Ware To Your Kitchen

Matching Dish-Ware
  • May 09, 2022

If you are like most people, buying matching dishware can be a bit hard, especially when you want to mix and match your kitchen for the ultimate interior decor.

Here at Premium Kitchens, we will help you develop the perfect kitchen color schemes and kitchen color pallets, including mixing dinnerware colors.

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Here Are Some Important Tips On Matching Dishware

Use A Kitchen Color Palette And Make It Your Anchor

Be consistent in your color schemes which can complement your linens. Organize the pattern, the color, shapes, and the texture of your matching dishware.

Maintaining consistent kitchen color pallets portrays the right shades and designs in mixing dinner colors without a struggle.


Pull It Together Using A Print

You can use a print pattern as an anchor that will have all colors tied together in your kitchen color pallets.

Mixing and matching dishware patterns adds style and elegance to your dishware.

When mixing colors and selecting the pattern, let your imagination flow. To get a perfect color scheme, you can mix geometric shapes with floral with chinoiserie as long as the color palette is eye-catching.


Compliment Your Color Schemes With Stemware And Flatware

If you are going to use kitchen color schemes that are bright and bold, keep your flatware neutral and mix and match the flatware the way you set your matching dishware.

As for your stemware, choose different shapes and designs that will mix and match your flatware and dinnerware.


Be Creative With Textures And Different Shapes 

Have fun as you prepare the tableware art where you can mix and match flatware and the shape of your plates.

You can alternate your oval plates and square plates, mix the textures that will bring contrast to the matching dishware, something like stoneware, scalloped edges, bone china, and smooth edges, or use painted designs.


A Little Metal On Your Design Will Make It More Appealing

You can mix your matching dishware with gold, silver, rose gold, or even bronze elements. Like you mix and match your jewelry, be ready to add metallic color when setting your table.

Mixing dinnerware colors doesn’t have to be for the entire table setting. If you have different colored plates, you can mix and match them to create a unique combination and a unique dinnerware setting.

Stick to your anchor color scheme to tie your matching dishware together to create a memorable mealtime for your guests or family.


Give Your Kitchen A Contemporary Design

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