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We Design Luxury Kitchens – Learn More About Italian Inspired Design

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  • April 19, 2021

As we usher in a new era of work from home life and quarantine, more and more people are looking into new design options that make their homes more functional. This can look like repurposing bedrooms into office space, garages into gyms, and family rooms into classrooms. And just like the family room, the kitchen is an epicenter and gets lots of traffic throughout the day. Therefore, designing it isn’t a task to take lightly. At Premium Kitchens, our kitchen designers have over 25 years of experience in designing luxury kitchens. We offer our Boca Raton customers a unique high-end showroom experience as well as cutting-edge technology, magnificent 3D renderings, world-class design, intricate detailing, and above all, a passionate staff. To top it off, all of our products are imported directly from Italy. It is safe to say we are more than capable of taking any of your design ideas to the next level. Read on for ideas for the kitchen. 


Luxury Kitchen Designs

There are typically one of two ways that people want their kitchen to function in a luxury home. One of those is a place strictly to cook meals; kitchen designers call this a wet kitchen. The other, a dry kitchen, is a space to also relax, maybe have a coffee, and get away from it all. At Premium Kitchens, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to create integrated environments to meet their long-term needs. Here are three luxury Italian design options that stand out.


Italian Kitchen Models 

Ratio – Dada; architectural kitchen

  • Metal grids define its basic architecture, including accessories, columns, and hoods. It supports both empty and full volumes and different thicknesses, creating an intricate balance. Materials used are typically warm and model Mediterranean characters. 


 Boffi Apr60; greystone kitchen

  • It is suited to be more of a functional kitchen. Its greystone finish and solid wood snack table promote a formal and efficient appeal. It is characterized by a raised worktop and highly customizable so that clients can make it their own.


Slide – Armani Dada

  • An informal, wet kitchen, the slide design allows the kitchen area to take center stage. It is characterized by the central island, champagne-colored marble, and functional elements hidden just below the surface. 


Partner With A Professional

Any of these design options stand out to you? Don’t waste any more time. Our interior designers can help you put together a plan for every room in your home. Were you just looking to start with the kitchen? No problem. Our kitchen designers have the professional knowledge needed to build you a design that is a reflection of you entirely. We understand that there is no place like home; let us help you make it memorable. Our efficient six-step process is guaranteed to have you enjoying your new home in no time. 


Contact Us

Are you ready to discuss luxury kitchen designs for your home? Don’t hesitate. Our team at Premium Kitchens in Boca Raton wants to hear from you. To learn more, call us today! 

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