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Our Kitchen Remodeling Company Loves The Clean Look of Appliance Garages

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  • March 22, 2021

Cooking can be an arduous chore when you have limited space or feel cramped in your kitchen. No one enjoys cooking in such a condition. If you have numerous small kitchen utensils that litter your workstation, an appliance garage might be what you need. Appliance garages act as a clutter-hiding space for kitchen equipment like toasters, mixers, blenders, etc. Are you looking for a “kitchen showroom near me?” Premium Kitchens is your best option. The kitchen remodeling company has a high-end showroom with world-class and masterful design, intricate details, and advanced technologies. We serve clients’ needs in Boca Raton, but we are available to meet your aesthetic needs regardless of your location. Guess you want to know more about our services? Sit back, let us walk you through our remodeling designs and why we love the clean look of the appliance garage.


Why Our Kitchen Remodeling Company Like Appliance Garages

Whether trendy or not, appliance garages are still seen in many kitchens today. This storage tool gives your cooking space a clutter-free look by adding more space to your kitchen. If you are tired of having to take out your coffee maker, you probably need to include an appliance garage in your kitchen design. Appliance garages come in various styles with either a classic sectional door that gives your garage a classic appearance or a lifting door to complement your cabinetry, along with other models. These appliance garages blend with any kitchen style. Another advantage of these door mechanisms is that they optimize space, most especially in small-sized kitchens.


What You Need To Know About Remodeling A Kitchen

Kitchen remodels entail more work than you think. You need to know how you want your kitchen to look before you begin. If you need help, a “kitchen showroom near me” will design your kitchen to your taste and preference. In kitchen remodeling, you need to consider the available space, electrical works, and flooring that will fit and complement your kitchen. What type of cabinets, appliances, and fixtures do you want to install in your kitchen? Put these into consideration before you begin remodeling. While changing your kitchen look, do not forget to take ventilation into account.


What Are The Must-Have Features For A Kitchen Remodel?

In renovating your kitchen, there are some features you should consider. Below are a few of them:

  • Storage space: Everyone wants to have adequate space. Storage space is a must-have in your kitchen. There are various means of kitchen storage. Find the one that suits your kitchen and allows for easy access.
  • Kitchen eat-ins: Not everyone likes to eat in the dining room. Eat-ins are gradually being embraced by many. If you have sufficient space, an eat-in area would not be a bad idea. Several kitchen boutiques are incorporating this in their designs.


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Have you been searching for a “kitchen showroom near me?” Premium Kitchens offer contemporary designs with beautiful 3D renderings and high-level capabilities. Our kitchen remodeling company has a passionate staff with professional knowledge of kitchen designs. Visit our showroom in Boca Raton to see our past remodels and works.

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