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Modern Kitchen Island Features for Your Home

Kitchen island features
  • October 01, 2021

If coming home to a kitchen island has not crossed your mind, you are probably one among the few. These islands have it all, from smooth and dramatic surfaces to exceptional functionality.

Whether you wish for a working area or a social space for those weekend wine sessions, this trend is not fading anytime soon. Kitchen island features don’t just enhance the feel and look of your home; they incorporate more storage space while still serving as a cooking prep.


Modern kitchen island features

One thing is for sure, there are no rules to this game, so you can choose whatever colors and materials you like. But let’s look at some tips for selecting a kitchen island:


  1. Take inspiration from some old classics to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Most homeowners are going for islands that mimic old-fashioned furniture. The good news is they are readily available. Therefore, you don’t have to build your own unless you want it to serve unique needs. This kitchen island design intends to keep up with a farmhouse dining room and comes in different styles and colors just as you like it. Remember, classics never die!


  1. High contrast features are perfect for modern kitchen island designs.

Keep in mind your ideal texture, tone, and preferred colors. They should balance and flow smoothly. Whether you would like to see wood and some metallic parts on your island, go for it. The same applies to colors; the sky’s the limit. You could choose two different colors like navy blue and white if black and white are just too standard for you. Who said lipstick red wouldn’t do fine? However, consulting your designer about this mix and match trend may be a better idea as a trained eye may see beyond our unrealistic desires.


  1. Add some waterfall countertops for a modern flair.

Waterfall countertops add a modern flair to your kitchen. The countertop goes beyond the island’s edge, flowing down on all sides to evoke a beauty of multiple dimensions. If you wish to make a statement and go beyond the standard kitchen island, this is one way. Additionally, find out the best material for the existing kitchen design among the popular ones like engineered quartz, wood, concrete, and natural stone.


  1. Extra storage

You probably don’t like the sight of all kinds of appliances lying around your kitchen; we don’t either! So, what if there was a solution to a pretty much tidy kitchen? You would probably jump on the idea, and that is possible with multi-use kitchen features.

Kitchen island designs incorporate cabinetry, shelves, and drawers. If you prefer, you may have some additional space to display your mugs and series of cookbooks. And guess what? You can also include a charging station (hidden or not as per your liking). Remember that you could never go wrong with simplicity. So, don’t overdo it!


  1. Add seating to turn your kitchen island into a social space.

Installing seating and modern lighting to the kitchen island feels like taking dinner in one of those fancy restaurants. These features usher in a social space for you and your family while introducing a feeling of entertainment. Sounds good after a hectic day at work! Consider wood, preferably dark, highly-veined stone, and lighting to add a luxurious look. Ensure to control the lighting so you can quickly shift from a relaxed to a working mood with a button!

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