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What You Need to Know About Italian Style Kitchen and Mediterranean Style Kitchen

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  • September 19, 2022

Kitchen design has evolved over the years to reflect culinary traditions and the latest trend. To make cooking space warm and inviting, many are looking to remodel their kitchens and are searching for kitchen designers in Broward County, Fl. Of the various kitchen remodel designs, Italian and Mediterranean are the most popular. While they’re similar, some features set them apart. We have created a list of distinguishing characteristics of each kitchen.


Italian Style Kitchen vs. Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Here are 6 features of both kitchens you should be aware of:

  1. Colors

Italian kitchen design uses warm colors like yellow, orange, and gold to mimic the sunsets of Tuscan. On the other hand, colors incorporated in the Mediterranean kitchen reflect the sun, sea, and sky. Vivid blues, green and earthy tones are colors incorporated into the design.

  1. Style

Italian kitchens feature a rustic, warm style, while the Mediterranean exudes Spanish, Moroccan, and French hints. Looking for style inspiration for your kitchen remodel? Visit a kitchen showroom near you.

  1. Flooring

Italian kitchens use natural materials like terra cotta, ceramic tiles, and stone for floors. Meanwhile, wood flooring in darker and lighter shades works for Mediterranean kitchens.

  1. Walls and Ceilings

Exposed wood beams, rough plaster walls, or brick accent walls are common in Italian kitchens. Furthermore, wall art in the form of stencils, framed prints, and hand-painted tiles evoke Italian scenery. On the other hand, stucco walls and Spanish roof tiles give the Mediterranean kitchen a signature look. Regarding ceilings, dark wooden surfaces are a staple of the Mediterranean kitchen.

  1. Furniture

The Italian kitchen has a rustic feel with natural wood finishes. Though this kitchen usually features dark wood furniture, you can opt for off-white depending on your home design. Furniture in the Mediterranean kitchen is a mix of Spanish, French, and Moroccan features. Contemporary kitchen cabinets in their natural state, whether stained or painted, complement this kitchen. Many Kitchen showrooms near you have a wide range of furniture types that you can choose from.

  1. Lighting

Natural lighting is an essential element in most kitchen designs. The Italian kitchen uses light translucent curtains or lighting fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lamps. Ensure the fixtures are antique. Massive ceiling chandeliers with wooden or metal frames and lamps shaped like candles reflect Italian country houses. Large wrought iron candle chandeliers, scones, and metallic pendants fit the Mediterranean kitchen. Kitchen designers near you in  Broward County, FL, can suggest matching light fixtures with your faucets and hardware.


Choosing Between the Two

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? If you’re torn between choosing an Italian or Mediterranean kitchen design, you should consider each kitchen’s features. Do you fancy antique elements and won’t mind contemporary designs in your kitchen? Then, a Mediterranean kitchen style won’t be a bad idea. But an Italian kitchen design will be a good choice if you love rustic finishing and enjoy a country feel.


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