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The New Trend Kitchen Designers Love For Your Home

Kitchen designers at Broward County
  • October 16, 2020

Kitchen designers are the best hands to call on when you need to improve the outlook of your kitchen. So, if you are interested in designing your kitchen, here is an excellent point to start. Several factors add up to make the kitchen design perfect, but it all boils down to having the right knowledge and expertise.

Premium Kitchens is the solution to all your worries about designing your kitchen. We are experts at installing contemporary kitchen cabinets and other beautiful features that make your kitchen stand out. If you are a resident of Broward County, we are ready to make your kitchen look more beautiful. Let’s explore one of the new and leading trends for kitchen design.

What Do Kitchen Designers Do?

Many often think only high-end homes require the service of a designer. This is far from the truth; our services are available to everyone. A designer’s process involves enhancing the kitchen’s workspace— one way we do so is by adding contemporary kitchen cabinets. One of the latest and newest trends in kitchen design is the Prep Kitchen.

What is a Prep Kitchen?

Prep kitchens are one of the luxurious kitchen designs that make your home stand out. A prep kitchen requires a small room or separate space attached to the main kitchen. It is designed as an extra area that provides you with extra working space. A prep kitchen features sinks and counter space and offers an extra spot for keeping the kitchen appliances you don’t necessarily use everyday. One good thing about this design is that you can customize it to meet your needs.

Having a prep kitchen in your home comes with many advantages. For one, it offers you more space, improving the flow of motion in your main kitchen. As such, you have a sufficient amount of counter space in your kitchen for any kind of kitchen activities you can imagine— including rustling up an entire Thanksgiving meal! Many have also viewed this design as the best way to create an airy and modern-styled kitchen. For homes with storage issues, a prep kitchen is an ultimate solution.

Essential Features of the Prep Kitchen

The prep kitchen does not just stand out because we feel it does; the features make it a top option for all kitchens. One of the main features is giving you more light options, unlike traditional designs with dark closets. The prep kitchen also offers zero dead-ends in your home. As such, it has an entrance and exit; you won’t be restricted in any form or way. For more beauty, you can choose to include a door or not.

Contact Us

You may wonder who can help you deliver such excellent designs. We can help at Premium Kitchens have designed plenty of space-saving solutions like the Prep Kitchen. We are expert kitchen designers that help make saving space more beautiful. For more than 25 years in Broward County, we have provided homes with unique contemporary kitchen cabinets and other top-notch designs. Our showroom offers all the components needed in your prep kitchen. Contact us today.

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