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Timeless Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know Of!

Kitchen Design Trends
  • February 01, 2022

If you were obsessed with kitchen designs five years ago, you would realize that upcoming trends quickly fade away, and something better always seems to be on the waitlist. A kitchen renovation consumes effort, time, and money. But one thing is for sure some kitchen design trends have stood up to the tests of time and style. Below are kitchen design trends that are durable and fashionable.


Kitchen Design Trends That Will Remain In Style For Years To Come

  • Go green!

A decade ago, a jungle green color for a kitchen cabinet trend would have sounded lame, not anymore! Green is having a moment of fame in most kitchens, and while other hues will come with elegance and quickly disappear, this color won’t. An example is that new kitchen trends are replacing good old gray with mint green! You will achieve what you want with this green trend, whether targeting a vintage or contemporary look.

  • Organizational add-ons

When it comes to current kitchen trends or the ones in 2030, storage still claims a massive part of it. And additional organizational features could in no way run out of style. Consider plate inserts for your pan drawers.

  • The integration of kitchen appliances

Who could say no to locking away kitchen appliances behind your new set of sleek, shiny cabinetry? Besides, it’s perfect for any kitchen design, whether open or small and compact. The aesthetic points your kitchen earns from the streamlined look goes without saying.

  • Subway tile for kitchen backsplash trends

Talk of a clean and classy look, and it may be hard to separate that from the effects of subway tiles on your backsplash. Thanks to its white color, you are at liberty to match it with other trends. If you love blue, a blue backsplash may be okay. But come to think of it, that could quickly vanish in the fashion world. Going safe means choosing subway tiles!

  • Vintage appliances are a better choice

When the kitchen finally got recognized, most considered white for their kitchen appliances. And now the market is shifting towards stainless-steel appliances. What could be next? We may not answer that, but we are sure that vintage appliances have and will always maintain their popularity.

  • Natural materials

To ensure a timeless kitchen, you could never go wrong with natural materials like stone and wood. From Marple, cherry to birch cabinetry, you have various options to consider. For stone, consider limestone, slate, or granite cabinets.

  • Wellness to your kitchen!

Much focus has shifted to physical and mental wellness, and who would have thought that our kitchens could join the movement? Such kitchens characterize natural light, inspired by light colors, a social ambiance, and some green! Think of a kitchen garden station on the side as you prepare your breakfast. Call it a better way to start your day!

While our kitchens should speak of fashion, they should balance style and longevity. The above kitchen design trends will ensure your kitchen is an inspiration for many years to come. As you renovate, be sure to opt for a qualified contractor for quality results.

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