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Read This Before Designing An Italian-Styled Kitchen!

Italian-Styled Kitchen
  • June 01, 2022

The Italian-style kitchen is one of this era’s most popular kitchen designs. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also functional and inviting.

If you want to make a modern Italian kitchen, you will need to decide on the materials, colors, appliances, and technologies to incorporate into your kitchen.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can make these choices:


Everything To Consider When Building A Modern Italian Kitchen


When designing an Italian-style kitchen, everything makes an impact. The materials used need to be modern and low maintenance for convenience. As you go shopping, consider materials such as marble for countertops since they are easy to clean.

Other materials you can consider include Carrara marble, slab doors, and for the backsplash, consider glass tiles or an organic stone that will not be damaged by moisture; hence is quite durable. They also bring a touch of elegance and style to your Italian-style kitchen design.



Plumbing is crucial when designing an Italian-style kitchen since it has to be functional and hidden to alleviate the classy, minimalistic and sleek look. Therefore, consider where you want your system to be, whether you prefer it beneath the sinks or behind the refrigerator.

Also, consider an inlet for filtered water in your kitchen.

The sinks and water fixtures also need to scream class; therefore, depending on your color scheme, you can choose between brass fixtures if you have brass light fixtures or silver and the famous black matte popular for use in Italian-style kitchen design.



When it comes to appliances in an Italian kitchen, it matters how they function and look. The stainless steel top cookers are a popular choice to complement the sleek white walls, which are also quite popular in Italian-style kitchens.

For an even better look, have quality appliances in inbuilt spaces for a clean look. Research the best brands beforehand, and purchase them before designing space for them in your kitchen to ensure they fit.


Design Trends

Consider design trends such as the island and functional cabinetry. As you research, you will realize that you can have two islands and incorporate hanging brass or sleek light fixtures right over the island. Storage is also one of the popular trends in Italian-style kitchen design.

The Italian-style kitchen design also ensures that there is room to move around the kitchen and has a focal point that draws your eyes to the kitchen. It could be your classy island with a waterfall design or a wonderful sink area right under a huge window.

When researching, figure out what your focal point will be.



Technology is non-negotiable in an Italian-style kitchen. Therefore, before designing one, consider technological aspects you can incorporate into your modern Italian kitchens, such as automatic trash cans that you do not have to touch or cookers and ovens with button touch technology.


Ready To Design Your Italian-Style Kitchen?

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