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Which Physical Structure Is Good For My Kitchen?

Italian-style Kitchen
  • June 20, 2022

The physical structure of your Italian-style kitchen is one of the essential parts of your kitchen. While you want to achieve the sleek Italian style, choosing a physical structure that can withstand moisture is important, making it durable and mold resistant.

The physical structure and materials that make it up are determined by the functions carried out in various parts of the kitchen and the maintenance required.

Here are some of the options for your Italian kitchen physical structure:


Physical Structure Options For Your Modern Italian Kitchen

Standard High-Performance Italian Board Resin Plated Panels

The standard high-performance Italian board resin plated panels are perfect for a modern Italian kitchen if you love a unique color in your home.

Its high performance allows it to withstand high temperatures up to 3100 degrees. This makes it perfect for a kitchen, where you would expect a lot of heat.

Why Use Standard High-Performance Italian Board Resin Plated Panels?

  • A beautiful deep metallic look to your panels.
  • A natural blend, allowing for a broader range of color for your panels
  • A shiny look to your modern Italian kitchen panels.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Can withstand moisture with regular wiping down.

Low Formaldehyde Emission Materials

A modern Italian-style kitchen design is hard to miss, especially with the layout and sleekness. However, the materials in the physical structure of the kitchen also matter.

While many materials are made with high levels of formaldehyde emissions, you can use materials with low formaldehyde emissions to give the same outcome but on a safer level.

Formaldehyde has components of volatile organic compounds, which are dangerous for your Italian-style kitchen.

Advantages Of Low Formaldehyde Emission Materials In Your Modern Italian Kitchen

  • Safe for kitchen surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile uses for; cabinets and countertops

Nickel Molded Physical Structures For Your Modern Italian Kitchen

The nickel molded structures are quite famous for modern Italian kitchen designs because it gives a beautiful finish. Nickel molded equipment in your kitchen consists of a string metal plating brushed to give it a classy, simple yet elegant grainy texture.

Advantages Of The Nickel Molded Physical Structures In An Italian-style Kitchen Design

  • Its ability to conceal abrasions, hence it always looks sleek and smooth
  • It does not corrode even with various cleaning products that may contain chemicals
  • Can withstand moisture without rusting
  • They are perfect for sinks, handles, and faucets.

Disadvantage Of Nickel Molde Physical Structures

  • They get dull fast and require extra help staying bright and shiny by applying a lacquer coating and regular polishing.

Soft Close Blumotion Systems 

Soft-close Blumotion systems are a must-have in your Italian-style kitchen. Soft-close systems are great because they help provide an effortless closing to a door, drawers, and cabinets. They help reduce the weight on a door or kitchen cabinet, making it easy to close them.

Why Use Soft-Close Blumotion Systems In Your Modern Italian Kitchen?

  • Hinges with the integrated soft close system are not easily retrofitted
  • Fewer door and cabinet accidents
  • More durability

Ready For Your Modern Italian Kitchen?

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