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What a Complete Remodeling of an Italian Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Looks Like

Italian kitchen remodel fort Lauderdale FL
  • September 01, 2022

Kitchen remodeling tops the list of many homeowners’ wishes. Remodeling increases your home’s value and improves your cooking area’s functionality. In addition, a remodeled kitchen makes cooking, eating, and entertaining guests much more fun. Do you want to have an Italian kitchen remodeled in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Premium Kitchens have got you covered!


What Does an Italian kitchen Remodeling Entail?

From re-tiling backsplash to reconfiguring cabinets and painting walls, there’s a lot involved in a Fort Lauderdale Italian kitchen redesign. A remodeled Italian kitchen is usually minimalistic and stylish, with high-quality materials and neutral colors to complement your home decor. Here’s what you should know about Italian kitchen design.

  • Color

Color forms an important element of Italian kitchens. The kitchen design features natural hues and vibrant colors that reflect the Mediterranean sea. Mustard yellow, brilliant blues, and terracotta reflect a relaxed and elegant lifestyle.

  • Lighting

Natural lights should be incorporated into your kitchen design—place flowers and plants close to the windows, tables, and counters. Decorate the area with artwork having rustic scenes, flowers, and animal prints. Consider installing wood ceiling beams in your kitchen since they illuminate your cooking space.

  • Appliances and accessories

Use pendants, hanging fixtures, and patterned tile for the backsplash. Incorporate vintage and modern styles featuring bright and bold colors in your appliances. Matte countertops, terracotta tile floors, and mosaic backsplashes best suit Italian-style kitchens. Cooking supplies are usually stored in containers or hung on antique racks. If you need help choosing color, lighting, appliances, and accessories for your kitchen remodel, you can search for an Italian kitchen remodel near you in FL.


What Does a Fort Lauderdale Italian kitchen Redesign Look Like?

Premium Kitchens remodeled a kitchen in a penthouse in Fort Lauderdale with the following features: multi-layered ceiling, deluxe appliance garage, and scenic Miele ovens that separate the pantries.

Five bronze-framed glass door cabinets draw attention to the dishes and artistic designs neatly arranged. This blends with the kitchen, bar, and living space.

The former space was designed to look sophisticated and classic with its cabinets and appliances. The cabinetry was sourced from Arrital, finished in a custom smokey gray sand lacquer and bleached white Sugar wood.

The cabinets also featured Basalto walnut laminate coated with counters from Neolith’s Pietra di Luna sintered stone mixed with Compac’s Unique Calacatta quartz.


Let’s Give Your Kitchen a New Look.

Are you looking to have an Italian kitchen remodeled in Fort Lauderdale FL? Our design team at Premium Kitchens is up to the task. We work with our clients to hone their ideas, create a kitchen plan and help with cabinetry, flooring, and other appliances that meet your preference. Then, we consider your budget and devise a swoon-worthy design that mesmerizes you. Call us for a free quote today.

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