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What Does an Italian-Inspired Kitchen Design in Fort Lauderdale Look Like?

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  • August 01, 2022

There is nothing quite like an Italian Kitchen, with sauces bubbling, fresh bread baking in the oven, and the rush of preparing each dish perfectly. Most often, these rooms are laden with fresh ingredients and full anticipation for sharing good food with family and friends.

There are many ways to design your kitchen, and with the right Italian kitchen designers in Fort Lauderdale FL, you can achieve this seamlessly. Sometimes you might want a more rustic look and other times for something cleaner and more contemporary. The best part is that you can even decide to mix the two styles and also get to choose what goes where.

You can have an Italian home kitchen with the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Fort Lauderdale. This type of kitchen is characterized by its high ceilings, marble floors, and beautiful molding and trim. Italian kitchens are often large and open, perfect for hosting large gatherings or cooking up a big dinner for family and friends. So if you’re thinking about updating your kitchen soon, look for the best and only the best Italian kitchen designers near you.


What Are the Different Styles of Italian Kitchens, and What Do They Usually Cook?

Italian kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, including sprawling and open-plan layouts. But whether the kitchen is spacious and modern or rustic and traditional, certain staples always seem to be included.

Here are five different styles of Italian kitchens and what you can usually find cooking in them:


The Modern Italian Kitchen

This style is sleek and modern and features many white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. It’s perfect for a small kitchen or for someone who wants their kitchen to look sleek and professional. With highly trained kitchen remodeling contractors in Fort Lauderdale, your Italian dream kitchen will be ready in no time. Typical dishes in a modern Italian kitchen include pasta dishes, pizza, pasta dishes with meat sauce, sandwiches, salads, and desserts such as tiramisu or cheesecake.


The Classic Italian Kitchen

This style is typically a more traditional-looking Italian Kitchen with features such as exposed brick walls and wooden beams. It’s perfect for a larger kitchen. A big kitchen means a big project, and a big project requires the experience of professional kitchen remodeling contractors in Fort Lauderdale.

If you want something more traditional looking but still want your kitchen to be functional, then you should invest in the classic Italian kitchen. Typical dishes in a classic Italian kitchen are pasta dishes, meatballs, risotto, chicken breasts stuffed with rice, lentil soup, lasagna, gnocchi with tomato sauce, and cannoli.


The Tuscan

Some practical elements that are a must-have in every Tuscan-inspired kitchen are:

  • A large island or peninsula with a sink, stove, and oven.
  • A pantry or refrigerator tucked away in one corner.
  • Cabinets with plenty of storage, both inside and outside the doors.
  • Tile or wood flooring to keep your kitchen clean and polished.
  • Bright colors that will liven up any space.
  • A comfortable seating area for guests.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality!

An Italian-inspired kitchen can be a beautiful and inviting space perfect for hosting special occasions or everyday meals with family and friends. From the bright red tiles on the floor to the white marble countertops. If you are ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, Contact premium kitchens, the best Italian kitchen designers in FL, to get started!


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