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What makes a modern Italian kitchen look great?

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  • August 09, 2021

Italian kitchen design implies different things to various individuals. Italian kitchens have been recognized in recent years for their sleek and creative designs, but for most individuals, the notion of an Italian kitchen brings up thoughts of huge family gatherings in spaces packed with old-world elegance – these are the sentiments evoked by classic Italian kitchen designs.

Traditional Italian kitchen designs combine the cooking and dining rooms into a single central space, allowing family and friends to cook, converse, and dine all in one location. The kitchen’s style combines elegance with rustic appeal, making it one of the most popular kitchen designs. Traditional Italian kitchens are also very simple to design, but modern Italian kitchens have modern needs and styling requirements while still giving it that old-school charm. And that’s why we are here at premium kitchen to help you.

So, are you ready to work with the most excellent Italian kitchen designers to build your own Italian-inspired space? Pour yourself a drink of wine and continue reading to learn how to decorate and make your modern Italian kitchen seem fantastic.


  • The correct color scheme:

The typical Italian kitchen is filled with earthy tones such as cream, brown, and green. Generally, this is most prominently represented in the brick and stone architecture of the floor and walls, as well as exposed beams throughout the ceiling, but you don’t have to fully rebuild your kitchen’s ceiling and walls to create the effect.

The color palette you select for your kitchen will be determined by the size of your kitchen area as well as the amount of light. Darker hues may be employed in most kitchen sections if the space is expansive, spacious, and flooded with bright sunlight. American or afzelia walnut are deep, dark woods that provide depth and contrast to other colors like roman leaf, oatmeal, and moss stone.

Smaller kitchens should employ brighter colors across the area to make it feel larger. Oak is a fantastic choice for the kitchen’s wooden parts, and it typically matches nicely with mink, Gatsby green, and pebble.


  • Cabinets and worktops:

Wooden cabinets are the finest solution for achieving an Italian style in any size of the kitchen. Shaker and inset door designs are popular, and they may be paired with knob or bar handles. Worktops should be built of hardwood or granite, based on your specific tastes. New Tropical Brown granite or Venetian Gold countertops are trendy in Italian kitchens; they add a luxury touch to the classic wooden cabinets. Dark walnut or brighter oak wood choices should be used to enhance the rustic atmosphere of the area. Cabinets should be made of solid wood with glass-paned doors to exhibit your favorite culinary equipment, supplies, and tableware.


  • Appliances and accessories:

Italian kitchens, like traditional farmhouse kitchens, are focused on cooking. Therefore equipment, supplies, and appliances should be openly displayed rather than kept hidden. A range cooker is an excellent choice for this kind of kitchen since it may emphasize a passion for cooking for big groups of relatives and friends. Traditionally, this would’ve been a wood-burning stove, but a contemporary gas or electric range cooker can do nicely.

Copper accessories are a must-have in Italian home decor, especially in the kitchen. Light fittings and pans placed on the walls just above the oven are a fantastic way to incorporate this style into your house because they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are no hard and fast laws when it comes to sinks. Traditionally, porcelain would be used, although stainless steel may also be seen in many elegant Italian kitchens.

Mediterranean foods are, of course, the perfect complement to Italian cooking. Fresh lemons, jars of pasta, and bottles of red wine are all valuable additions to this romantic decor while also giving a very on-trend finishing touch.


Conclusion/ contact us:

While many people relate Italian kitchen design with rustic, old-world designs, this is not the only option. Italy is constantly on the cutting edge of design, whether it’s clothing, engineering, or interior design, and Italian modern kitchen design is no exception. Italy has been well-known in recent years for its cutting-edge designs.

Modern Italian kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, with integrated equipment and simplified design. Modern Italian kitchens are efficient, with no extra frills or accessories. If you need assistance and seek the finest contemporary kitchen designers, please get in touch with us now. We have 25+ years of experience in world-class interior design with intricate details and masterful design.

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