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  • June 22, 2018

We are going to weigh up the differences between Italian and Traditional kitchen design, starting with the Italian offering. Italian design will mean something different to different people.

Recent designs from Italy are known for their innovative, sleek designs, though many people will imagine a massive family gathering in a room that is filled with old warm charm. So, let’s discuss Traditional Italian design and Modern Italian design.

Traditional Italian

The traditional Italian kitchen design feels rustic. They feel warm and cozy, and also incorporate outdoor elements such as terra cotta and stone, as well as other natural elements.

Lighting – If you want the rustic look, avoid modern lighting. Choose charming sconces and wrought-iron chandeliers. For a modern twist, aim for shiny and contemporary styles.
Colors – Rustic Italian designs use warm colors, often golds, oranges, and warm yellows that mimic a sunset. Consider a splash of blue in tiles to evoke the sea.
Floors – A rustic Italian design aims to incorporate the outdoors with the indoors. So, your floors should be a natural material. You can choose for hardwood, or terra cotta, stone, or natural ceramic tiles.
Furniture – The kitchen is the hub of your home if you want to accommodate everyone considers a large wooden table for your rustic kitchen.
Accessories – Accessories will bring your rustic kitchen to life. Choose antiques, bright dishes on display, pottery, herbs potted in clay pots for the windowsill, and hang your pots and pans from ceiling racks.

Modern Italian

While the majority of people will think of the above at the mere mention of an Italian kitchen design, it isn’t the only style. Italy has long been at the forefront when it comes to design, from interior design to fashion, architecture and… kitchen design, of course. Italy is finally getting recognition for their contemporary designs.

Sleek and slick, featuring a streamlined design with integrated appliances. Forget unnecessary accessories or frills, it’s all about style and function. Essentially, the polar opposite of its traditional counterpart.

No matter which one you prefer, you can definitely incorporate a variety of the elements into your space.

Traditional Kitchen

Now that we’ve covered the two types of Italian Kitchen designs, let’s talk about the traditional style. The traditional kitchen design is a combination of classic design, comfortable furniture, as well as casual décor. It features warm colors, symmetrical lines and various design elements.

It’s a popular choice for many homes, and can incorporate the best designs from every century. Your traditional kitchen will leave you feeling elegant and comfortable all at once. They feature colors that are warm, rich, and inviting. While the furniture is soft, stained glass or glass doors can give your kitchen a touch of character and checkered tiles or wood flooring can create a space that feels personal.

Traditional kitchen design allows the homeowner to keep the original appliances, and incorporate furniture and colors which update the kitchen’s appearance with a fresh look, but a traditional feel.

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