contemporary kitchen cabinets
  • July 02, 2018

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, then you’ll want to check out the latest trends in kitchen designs. Before the new year arrived, the hottest designers were already talking about what would be popular in 2017. From color schemes and counter tops to the latest trends in cabinetry and kitchen technology, we’ve compiled the 10 best kitchen designs.

Further Integration of Living Spaces with Kitchens
The kitchen has never really been just a kitchen, well, not for quite some time anyway. It may be a place for cooking, but it’s also for working in, dining, entertaining, and relaxing. Over the years, the kitchen has become more connected to the home. They’re becoming part of the living space.

Smart Kitchens
Smart kitchen appliances are becoming more popular as the prices start to lower. More of our appliances are being designed with built-in Wi-Fi to allow remote access to coffee machines and more. Imagine setting the oven to reheat as you’re on the way home from work!

Modernity Is Back
Some say that contemporary kitchen designs are bad. This is true for modern homes, traditional homes, and newly built homes. Features like touch press cabinets, industrial style features, mixed materials, and sleek matte units are dominating.

A Traditional Makeover
Traditional is still popular, but it’s getting a makeover. Traditional is moving towards less detailed, clean lines. Forget ornate moldings…smooth finishes are in to provide a clean finish. It will certainly make cleaning a breeze.

Hide Away
As we continue to integrate our kitchen with the rest of our home, we start to look at what features can improve the space. We know that the kitchen isn’t just for cooking and eating, so why hide away features which are growing in popularity? Pocket doors and sliding doors can reveal kitchen appliances, ovens, extra counter space, and even sinks. So when you need to use these elements you can reveal them, and then hide them away when you’re not using the space for cooking. This makes the space more welcoming for entertaining and relaxing.

Functional Cabinetry
The traditional L and U-shaped kitchens are being dropped for modular options. Imagine, a straight wall of cabinetry, a floor block for ceiling long cabinets, plus an island. This provides three separate units, making better use of the space and providing plenty of storage.

Solid Wood
It’s kind of back. It may have waned in popularity, but flashes of wood are becoming popular again. Think Scandinavian designs with walnut, or bleached oak.

High Spec Appliances
Wine fridges, steam ovens, boiling water taps, built-in coffee machines… once upon a time these elements were seen as a bonus, now they’re standard features. Expect the demand for these components to keep growing.

Mixed Materials
This may be the biggest kitchen design trend. Stone, marble, bare wood, polished concrete, and metal. We’re seeing more kitchen sinks that are dropping the stainless steel for cast iron, stone, composite granite, and even copper. You can opt for these elements in lighting, taps, seating, and even door handles. Use your imagination when it comes to backsplashes and gets clever.

Kitchen color palates are changing. Gray is incredibly popular, but it may be on its way out, with bright color splashes and moody hues taking over.

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