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How to Design a Kitchen That Fits Your Family’s Needs

Kitchen That Fits Your Family's Needs
  • September 05, 2022

A lot goes on in the kitchen, from late-night talks to homework sessions and celebrations. Typically, the kitchen is a place where memories are made. Little wonder, it’s called the heart of the home. It’s important that your cooking area is well-equipped to meet the needs of your household. If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale kitchen remodeling company to help you with your designs, Premium kitchens is your best choice. But first, here are tips to help you create a kitchen design that best suits your family.


Tips for Designing a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Choose the right layout: Selecting the right layout is a deal breaker since it depends on factors like the number of kids you’ve got and the functionality of your kitchen. For example, a peninsula or U-shaped kitchen restricts access at one end. This layout is suitable for families with kids. On the other hand, an open-plan arrangement with an L-shaped layout is suitable for a growing family. Don’t know the ideal kitchen layout to choose? Kitchen designers near you can help you make the right choice.

Include an island in your plan: A kitchen island serves many purposes, from the cooking place to the preparation surface. Adding an island to your kitchen makes it a family-friendly and livable space. Have questions on how to incorporate an island in your kitchen design? You can ask our Fort Lauderdale kitchen remodeling designers.

Add a storage space: You can never have enough storage space. Having adequate storage space is necessary as you’ll need to store kitchen utensils, glassware, sterilizers, etc. In addition, you can add cabinetry solutions to your cooking space to ensure everything is intact while complementing the kitchen.

Create a cooking area: The cooking area is a major highlight of your kitchen. Here, you can cook various dishes using equipment like ovens and fryers. Typically, the cooking area shouldn’t be far from the preparation area to facilitate a seamless cooking process.

Consider appliances: Ease the stress of family life by opting for appliances created for convenience. For example, get a dishwasher that sanitizes instead of buying a baby bottle sanitizer. Furthermore, you can choose a hot water dispenser and fast-cook oven to save cooking time. Consider washers and dryers as well. These appliances come with features that increase laundry time.


Let’s Help You Design a Kitchen That Meets Your Needs

Do you often find yourself wishing your kitchen was designed just a little bit differently? Whether your family is constantly taking up space in the kitchen or you can’t seem to design the storage you need, it’s time for a change. Following these tips, you can design a kitchen that perfectly fits your needs and does cooking and cleaning a breeze!

You should visit one of our showrooms in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. Our Baton Raton kitchen remodeling team has vast experience designing the perfect kitchen that fits your lifestyle. Before the remodel, our experts will ask how you want to use your current space. From the number of kids you have to the type of cooking, we ask numerous questions to help us design a family-friendly kitchen. Call us today to schedule a design consultation.

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