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European Style Cabinets Are Stylish & Elegant

European style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale
  • April 12, 2021

Does an elegant contemporary kitchen featuring beautiful European-style cabinets sound ideal to you? Not sure where to turn to in the Fort Lauderdale area to make your dream kitchen a reality? You need to visit us, Premium Kitchens. We have over 25 years of experience designing stunning custom cabinets and kitchens. If modern European styling is what you are after, our passionate staff and world-class designers can help. Want to know more about European styling? Read on below to find out more about this attractive design option!


What Are European Style Cabinets

European cabinets use a frameless design to provide a smooth, sleek appearance. These cabinets are designed to blend in and almost vanish inside your kitchen. Here are a few more characteristics of modern European cabinetry. 

  • The cabinets feature a frameless design that incorporates hidden hinges.
  • No hardware is used to aid in the sleekness of the cabinetry.
  • Smart storage solutions.
  • Lightweight while retaining structural strength.
  • Multifunctional with minimalistic styling.


Continents Apart in Style

European homes can be hundreds of years older than their American counterparts. American homes generally are constructed with more standardization than earlier European-style homes where. This leads to American cabinetry not being as personalized or versatile as European cabinets. 


It is not uncommon for European homes and apartments not to include cabinetry when moving in. This has led to more personalized modular custom cabinets being the choice for European buyers. Being more modular than American cabinets allows European cabinets to be portable and fit in many different spaces. 


Another difference between the two styles is the frame or the European cabinets’ lack of a frame. Without a frame, European cabinetry allows for greater interior storage. This makes them a perfect choice for smaller houses and apartments. Both cabinet styles offer some benefits over the other. Cost and your design choices will determine what product is best for you.


Styling For the Ages

Like a fine wine, European cabinetry tends to age better over time than other styles. Years after being installed, European cabinets still maintain a timeless, clean, sleek appearance. 


These cabinets can add a pop of flair and styling that many American-style kitchens lack. This unique styling can add tremendous value to your home if you ever decide to sell.


Continuing with the theme of versatile, timeless styling, European cabinets’ minimalist design allows them to fit in and complement almost any room in your home. The styling of these beautiful cabinets will enable them to fit in with practically any design style you may choose. 


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European style cabinets offer timeless elegance and beauty to any home. Going with custom cabinets from Premium Kitchens can add a look of international sophistication to your Fort Lauderdale home. We are a global company that uses our 25 years of experience and advanced design technology to bring masterful results to your kitchen or any room in your home. Call or visit us today and let our passionate world-class design team go to work for you!

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