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Choosing the Right European Style Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton

By Carlos Aristizabal 6I9A0028
  • June 14, 2021

Picking the right appliances and accents for your kitchen remodel or construction job is never easy. You want styles and colors that can last for years that you’ll be happy with time and time again. A growing trend is European style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale. This beautiful and timeless cabinet style easily accents any kitchen decor and will leave you falling in love with it each time you enter the kitchen. Premium Kitchens can help you get these stunning cabinets into your new kitchen in no time with our expert cabinet installation services. 


What Are European Cabinets?

The European style is very smooth, highly minimalist in design, lending it well to many different styles of kitchens. It was originally designed to fit European kitchens where space is limited, meaning even the cabinets needed to be low key and have a minimal flair in their design. This also lent the design to have improved efficiency and functionality for the homeowner, decreasing the cabinets overall ornamentation and making up for it to allow people more ease of use and create more space for other kitchen accessories. Most of the popular European cabinets offer sleek style and flair that fits anything from modern to more rustic kitchen designs. They do borrow some style from American cabinets but offer a more seamless and refined design. 


Characteristics of European Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets offer more of a high-end appearance than other kitchen cabinets due to their ultra-sleek style. Euro-style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale go perfectly with any modern kitchen, as the cabinets are streamlined, well defined, and have clean lines and edges. They offer a more minimalist approach to a kitchen design, letting your eyes wander to all the aspects of the kitchen and not making them the focal point. Although with how beautiful they can be, it may be hard to resist staring at them for some people! The cabinets are highly smooth and flat, usually combined with high gloss paint to really make the shine pop. This gives them a freshly polished, texture appearance, helping smaller kitchens to appear larger and roomier. Picking the perfect hardware, vinyl, and glass can really accentuate these cabinet features, bringing in a whole new style to any kitchen remodel. 


European Kitchen Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale

With this minimalist aesthetic, there are no bells and whistles with these Euro kitchen cabinets. If you’re going to full flair and all the accents in your Fort Lauderdale kitchen, these may not be the cabinets for you. Even though they are very simple in design, European style cabinets still stand out as a highly refined and sleek element to any kitchen. They can be painted in both muted and bright colors, taking the back seat to the rest of the kitchen when painted grey, white and taupe. But if you’re looking to really make a splash, painting your Euro cabinets in Fort Lauderdale a bright red, lime green, or even oranges can bring out the best in these cabinets. These cabinets don’t have any trim, carvings, crown mouldings, or raised panels. Picking out the right hardware or other accenting pieces will be ultra-important with these cabinets to truly let them be unique and truly bring out those angular lines and straight edges. 


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