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European Kitchens vs. American Style Kitchens

European kitchens in Fort Lauderdale
  • November 09, 2020

With our imported products from Italy, Premium Kitchens offers intricate details and masterful designs for custom cabinets. Our European kitchens can be designed with beautiful 3D renderings, high level capabilities, and can do any room in the house! Choosing what type of kitchen before a remodeling project will ensure you have the features and style you want. The kitchen must look coordinated, and we help Fort Lauderdale homeowners who can’t decide on cabinets, countertop materials, and colors. 

American vs. European Kitchens

It’s important to note that many European kitchens were built for efficiency rather than comfort. They are typically smaller compared to American kitchens. The reasons usually revolve around these:

  • Storing food wasn’t a popular option as fresh produce and dairy were bought along small shops around street corners. Food was bought regularly on a weekly basis, and oftentimes did not store food or canned items in their kitchens.
  • It’s actually considered rude to cook in front of your guests, so you will not find a center island in a European kitchen.
  • You also may not find a microwave or food processor, or many small appliances in European kitchens. Most prepare their food manually and in turn, do not accommodate small appliances you see so often in American kitchens. 

A smaller kitchen may not appeal to everyone, but the European style will be accommodating for retired couples, townhouses, singles, or small homes. These smaller kitchens are perfect for supermarkets and bodegas that offer fresh food you can buy weekly.

Cabinet Styles

A significant difference between American and European cabinets is that European cabinets are frameless. The door to a frameless cabinet is connected and flush, the look is simple and less prominent. 

A frame around the cabinets of American kitchens allow for smaller doors. The cabinet is visible behind the door, and while it does offer depth and visual appeal, it does look busier. European style cabinets may appear more modern, less detailed and less busy.

The hardware handles and drawer pulls are non-existent in European kitchens. You either pull the doors and drawers from top or bottom. The lack of hardware again adds to the simple and clean look, with little to no depth. With American kitchens, the hardware comes in variety and intricate pieces with twists, designs, and other details. It comes in stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, or glass. This will add visual interest into your kitchen and bring out the metal and colors to your appliances. 

What Message Are You Sending?

If you want a large kitchen with intricate designs and details, an American kitchen may be for you. But if you want simplicity, clean and refined look, the European kitchen may be for you. Or if you wish to combine the two, a Tuscany or Mediterranean style welcomes both into sharing a large island center for plenty of guests to gather around, while keeping the design simple. We help Fort Lauderdale with their designs and options for their home. Reach out to Premium Kitchens for your new look.

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