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European Kitchen Design— 5 Reasons To Use Integrated Appliances

European kitchen design in Broward County
  • August 24, 2020

Integrated kitchen appliances will change your life. That’s why it’s the latest up-and-coming craze in European kitchen design! Premium Kitchens specializes in high-quality, imported materials for custom cabinets to bring to life a kitchen that anticipates your needs and satisfies your aesthetic. Visit us in Broward County to learn how to integrate your appliances!

Why European Kitchen Design Is Turning To Integrated Appliances

Integrated kitchen appliances are all about cohesiveness. If you’re not a fan of clunky, metal-fronted appliances reminiscent of some futuristic, chrome-encased aesthetic, integrated appliances allow you to swap over traditional stainless-steel doors for paneled doors that match your cabinets.

This sleek, space-saving look has quickly become popular in small European living spaces, giving minimalists and traditionalists an elegant look they can both get behind.

Here are 5 reasons to prefer integrated appliances!

1) Space-Friendly. Whether you’re simply obsessed with pots, and pans, or looking to make more room in a small apartment kitchen, integrated appliances fit together like puzzle pieces. Because your cabinets and appliances were made for each other, you can place them in unique, space-saving spots with no need for excess gaps between them.

2) Easy Cleaning. Because there’s none of this extra space, you won’t have to struggle to get those in-between spots, and will only need to wipe the easy-access, flat surfaces in front of you.

3) Keep Things Tidy. With more space, you’ll have more storage for all those cluttering the counter: tools, bowls, appliances, and more!

4) Make It Personal. When we design a kitchen with integrated appliances, we go above and beyond. Need an extra fridge drawer on the island for produce? We’ll work it in. And with its disguised cabinet front, your guests will be none the wiser.

5) Not Just For Minimalists. While the aesthetic of integrated appliances adapts well to a minimalist approach, those with traditional tastes can incorporate their appliances as well! We work with you to learn your preferences and how to adapt our designs and details specifically to you!

Get Custom Cabinets Tailored To Your Appliances

Premium Kitchens is known for first-rate, professional installation and construction, high-quality, imported materials, and, most of all, our cutting-edge contemporary designs. We create a space that balances with the rest of your home, appeals to your tastes, and accommodates to your everyday needs. That’s why each of our creations incorporates intricate details picked out and designed just for you, making your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or home as a whole, one of a kind.

Be one of the first to take advantage of seamlessly integrated appliances with beautiful custom cabinets from Premium Kitchens. Take a look at all of the design options available at one of our high-end showrooms in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Here you’ll find everything you need to envision your dream kitchen!

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For 25 years, Premium Kitchens has delivered the best in American and European kitchen design. With world-class professionals, masterful craftsmanship, and ingenious design, it’s no wonder families across Broward County and beyond have come to us for their home’s remodeling. Call now to start designing!

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