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Using European Kitchen Cabinets in Your Renovation

European kitchen cabinets in Broward County
  • September 07, 2020

As you start to grow accustomed to the same old kitchen cabinets in your home, you may start to consider a complete renovation for your kitchen. At Premium Kitchens, we understand that Broward County homeowners like to spice up their homes once in a while, and when they do, they rely on experienced kitchen and bath designers.


Our team of designers will not only map out your new kitchen cabinets, but we can also provide you with insight and expertise into the latest trends for fashionable cabinets. For instance, consider the European kitchen cabinet, with their contemporary designs. Compared to American cabinets, European custom cabinets from Premium Kitchens look far more sleek and modern. 


Here are just a few ways European kitchen cabinets typically differ from American cabinets: 


  • Cabinet doors are unadorned and flat 
  • Polished hardware 
  • Cabinet box (frame of the cabinet) is typically hidden by the door 


At Premium Kitchens, we can walk you through the various types of European kitchen cabinets and their brands before renovating your new kitchen. 

Various Styles and Brands of European Kitchen Cabinets 


There are many types of European kitchen cabinets available today, all of which are sure to provide your new kitchen with a sleek and modern feel. Another main way in which European kitchen cabinets differ from American cabinets is from their style. For instance, the colors of European kitchen cabinets can range from just about any color in a rainbow. Unlike most American kitchen cabinets, the European custom cabinets can greatly range in color schemes. 


The materials of European kitchen cabinets are also a major standout point compared to the American cabinets. In some cases, your European kitchen cabinets may be made from cement, extruded aluminum, acrylic, and glass. The cabinet finishes are also important for these European cabinets, as they are not simply painted finished like American cabinets tend to be. Both the flat matte and high-shine lacquer are popular finishes among European kitchen cabinets, which can spice things up compared to the typically painted, waxed, or varnished American cabinet designs. 


There are also several popular European kitchen cabinet brands that create these beautiful and modern cabinets. Some of these brands include: 


  • Team 7
  • Arrital Cucine


At Premium Kitchens,  you can view all of these brands and more from our Broward County showrooms in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. 

Implementing Custom Cabinets for your Home 


As you are looking to design a new contemporary kitchen, Premium Kitchens can help you implement new custom cabinets into your home. Our team of interior designers understand the new and sleek European and Italian designs that Americans are falling for all over the country. Premium Kitchens offers a world class design by using intricate detail to create your dream kitchen. 


Our team will also utilize advanced technologies, such as beautiful 3D renderings while providing high level capabilities for your new custom cabinet scheme. 

Contact Premium Kitchens Today to Purchase European Kitchen Cabinets 


At Premium Kitchens, we have over 25 years of experience servicing Broward County by creating new and exciting custom cabinets. If you are interested in learning more about European kitchen cabinets, contact Premium Kitchens today. You may also visit one of our two showrooms in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton to learn more about the styles and design of custom cabinets we can create for your project. 

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