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Customizing And Designing Media Rooms

By Carlos Aristizabal 6I9A8023
  • July 05, 2021

Are you looking to turn that unfinished basement into a media room that is sure to impress your friends? Maybe you already have a media room, but it could use a major makeover (and fewer dangling wires). Did you know, Premium Kitchens doesn’t just do kitchens? We also do customizing and designing media rooms! Premium Kitchens have brought incredible custom media rooms to homes all over Palm Beach County and Broward County for the past 25 years. Read on to learn our top tips for building your dream media room.

Customizing And Designing Media Rooms 

Comfort is key. Remember the cramped, uncomfortable seats that used to be in movie theaters a decade or so ago? Most theatres have now upgraded to new seats that are spacious, comfy, and can recline. The same upgrade needs to happen in your media room. Choose seating that is comfy and deep, then add a bunch of blankets and pillows. Now you have a place for your guests to sit back, put their feet up, and enjoy the show.

Mix Modern And Antique

Invest in dimmable, remote-controlled lights. Your primary source of light will be overhead lighting. There should be enough lights to make the room bright before the movie, and then they can be dimmed down during the show. Wall-mounted lighting can provide a hint of elegance. Run LED light strips along the floor, or for a high-end room, install fiber optic lighting.

To amaze your guests, use the remote control to raise the curtain that covers your screen. The same remote can lower the curtains on the windows, and drop down the high-definition projector from the ceiling.

With the right smart home device, all of this technology can be linked together. At a touch of a button, or at the command of a voice, your room can instantly transition from a well-lit seating room to a world-class movie theatre.

Your media room may be filled with the latest technology, but don’t be afraid to decorate with art pieces and details that make your room feel like a 1940s theater. It will be the small, intricate details that will raise your room to the next level.


Screen Size Matters

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a media screen that is the right size for your room; not too big or too small. Choosing the perfect screen size is not as easy as it sounds. A professional media room designer from Premium Kitchens can use our 3D media room designer software to give you a view of what your new room will look like. With a little math and our professional knowledge, we will know exactly how big your screen should be, and how far back your seats should be installed.

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All of the above can turn an average media room into a high-end masterpiece of comfort and fun. If you are looking for a professional media room designer, visit the high-end showroom at Premium Kitchens. We have been customizing and designing media rooms for the last 25 years.

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