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Steps to Keeping a Clean Contemporary Kitchen

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  • November 16, 2020

Have you entered your contemporary kitchen and wondered how you keep dealing with small counter space? Or maybe you can’t see it due to all the items on your counter. Counters are a great real estate value to your home, and you can always use more. They are essential for cooking, baking, but they’re also a magnet for other household clutter.

Instead of remodeling and ripping apart the kitchen, give yourself more space by learning how to declutter to help keep your counters free in the future. Premium Kitchens helps Boca Roton with suggestions and expert advice for a clean contemporary kitchen.

Steps to Remove Clutter in Your Contemporary Kitchen

  1. Completely Remove All Items Off Counter

The first step is to remove everything but the dishes. Clean them thoroughly and put away. Now, for the fun part! Place everything else, whether it be decorations, appliances, food, or other random things, right on the floor or dining table. 

You’ll then take a look at each item separately, but first wipe off the counter to make a sparkly surface.

  1. Choose What To Keep

Now go back to the floor or dining table, pick up each item one at a time, and decide what you use on a daily basis. Is this essential? Do I use this everyday on a regular basis? Some things might be:

  • Toaster
  • Disk Rack
  • Fruit Basket
  • Microwave
  • Coffeemaker
  • Crock of cooking tools

But be selective. You must only keep what you’re using everyday on the counter top. Once you have been selective of your daily use items, make a logical spot for them on the countertop. Such as the coffeemaker, place it under the mugs. Put your cooking tools near the stove. This will help keep messes and clutter from spreading all across your kitchen. 

Now The Additional Items

Now that you’ve been picky and selective, as you should, now you know what doesn’t belong. Sort through the remaining items to find permanent homes elsewhere.

Any less used appliances, keep in the kitchen with an accessible cabinet or panty. They are still within reach, but put away each time after their use. Any unused appliances are not worth keeping, donate them promptly.

Decorations can be hung on the walls or moved into a different room. Counter space is too valuable for decorating. Lastly, any rarely used housewares specifically made for parties or holidays, such as a baster, cake tray, or platter. Simply put them on a high shelf so it’s out of the way, but you know where it is. 

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