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What Key Items Make Up A Great Contemporary Kitchen?

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  • December 01, 2021

A kitchen plan for a new renovation or new kitchen can help give your home a refreshingly up-to-date contemporary feel. They feature contemporary kitchen cabinets and are user-friendly with a modern kitchen design that’s useful to the entire family.

Primary elements of contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary or modern kitchen designs are usually minimalist and feature liner, and geometric themes. Unequal balance is mostly a trend in modern kitchen décor. Contemporary cabinets and molding are very easy and feature modest styles.

Characteristics of Contemporary kitchen designs:

  • Cabinets are frameless and use simple and large hardware
  • Door styles are  horizontal lift or basic slab
  • Door inserts or frosted glass panel
  • Geometric lines and angles
  • Laminate surfaces in bold and white colors
  • Sweeping curves in cabinets or countertop
  • Delicate woods with a grain like a maple, ash, or birch
  • Metal components including copper, chrome, or stainless steel
  • Lighting that is adjustable and abundant.

Cabinet Choices

Contemporary kitchen cabinets or contemporary white kitchen cabinets are obvious because of the focus on the rectangle and square shapes. The cabinet frame is hidden by slab front doors.

The contemporary cabinet is meant to reach the ceiling for large storage capabilities. Some popular features are:

Deep drawers for pans and pots

Upper sections with glass doors

Open shelving section to break up cabinet space

Backsplashes And Countertops

The stone countertops are an integral part of the contemporary kitchen designs, Marble and granite remain favorites, recycled glass and butt quartz have gained popularity.

Breakfast and island Bars

Breakfast and island bars remain a pleasing feature for a contemporary kitchen. When your kitchen is huge enough to accommodate an island, you can make a color statement by painting it differently from the cabinets. A breakfast bar can be a huge part of the island spec or part of the kitchen cabinet that separates the family room or dining room from the kitchen area.

Choice Of Color

You are not restricted to a specific color palette for your contemporary kitchen design. Bright modern kitchen colors are a trending contemporary choice that gives your kitchen a classic and state-of-the-art sight to see. However, if bright and bold are your taste, then certainly contemporary kitchen design is naturally made for you.


There are seemingly endless flooring options for modern kitchen design. Wood and tile remain good choices. Vinyl plank flooring and other patterns are very popular selections and make floor maintenance a cinch. With the popular open concept for contemporary homes, you want to keep design continuity between the living, dining, and kitchen areas.


The lighting for a modern kitchen design is usually a mix of types of lighting. Ceiling lights are a must for ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting makes for great task lighting, as do pendant lighting fixtures that are commonly used above islands and breakfast bars.

Overhead lighting fixtures can be flush to the ceiling or more prominent semi-flush. A formal kitchen design may feature a chandelier or mini-chandeliers.

A contemporary kitchen design has a designated feature that makes it simple to recognize the style. However, you have the choice to design your kitchen to stamp your personal by taking advantage of the numerous choices at your disposal.

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