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Key Factors when Designing a Harmonious Kitchen

Harmonious Kitchen
  • August 23, 2021

A cohesive kitchen design does more than strive to unite the different elements of style.

It does more than tie together fluently the floors, walls, and cabinets. The design unifies form and purpose, functionality and aesthetics, and host and visitor. Plus, it sets the beautiful background against which many treasurable memories will be made. Additionally, it makes your home lovely and enhances the value of your property so that it will not stay on the market long.

It is a tall order to get a design that achieves all this. You can make it easier by getting a designer with cutting-edge tools, years of experience as well as the passion behind them. Premium Kitchens, located in Boca Raton, is the interior designer you are looking for; they will be able to harness your imagination into a timeless piece of art.

Here are the key factors that will help you and your designer get you that dream harmonious kitchen.

Some of the cohesive kitchen designs to keep in mind

Aesthetic and Functionality

Every aspect of your kitchen should be both pleasing to look at and functional.

The Cabinets– There are three looks to go for here;

  1. Modern kitchen cabinets with their frugal coloring, clean lines, and minimalist features. They tend to be black, white, stainless steel, and grey.
  2. Classical/ traditional cabinets rely heavily on ornamental features. The lines are elegantly flamboyant. The colors are rich and deep.
  3. Transitional cabinets combine features of both the modern and traditional styles.

There is an almost endless choice of flooring, countertops, lighting, and other fittings and amenities. The trick is to find a beautiful blend of color scheme, texture, and style.

Proper Installation

Ensure every aspect of your kitchen design is installed correctly. This serves to make the kitchen safe as well as attractive. Proper installation is also affordable in the long run.

The installation should strive to realize the design, staying true to the balance and symmetry, the focal points, and the scale and proportion.

The most reasonable thing to do in this instance is to let a qualified professional do it.

Personal Touch

The first step to designing your kitchen usually is browsing through images of model kitchen designs. This is all well and good. But this should only be to get the creative juices flowing.

Avoid the urge to recreate the designs. The kitchen is the family hearth and should reflect aspects of the family’s values. The ultimate cohesive kitchen design should harmonize the design and the personality of the owner.

If you are at a loss of how to do that, here are a few ideas:

  1. Family portrait on the wall
  2. Display your belongings, e.g., family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or prizes worn.
  3. Display the more impressive of your DIY project
  4. Customize aspects of your kitchen.

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The biggest takeaway should be that these pointers don’t make you a DIY expert in a cohesive kitchen designer. They should give you a basis from which to consult with your designer. Get in touch with Premium Kitchens located in Boca Raton for further assistance.

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