Key Factors when Designing a Harmonious Kitchen

Harmonious Kitchen

A cohesive kitchen design does more than strive to unite the different elements of style.

It does more than tie together fluently the floors, walls, and cabinets. The design unifies form and purpose, functionality and aesthetics, and host and visitor. Plus, it sets the beautiful background against which many treasurable memories will be made. Additionally, it makes your home lovely and enhances the value of your property so that it will not stay on the market long.

It is a tall order to get a design that achieves all this. You can make it easier by getting a designer with cutting-edge tools, years of experience as well as the passion behind them. Premium Kitchens, located in Boca Raton, is the interior designer you are looking for; they will be able to harness your imagination into a timeless piece of art.

Here are the key factors that will help you and your designer get you that dream harmonious kitchen.

Some of the cohesive kitchen designs to keep in mind

Aesthetic and Functionality

Every aspect of your kitchen should be both pleasing to look at and functional.

The Cabinets– There are three looks to go for here;

  1. Modern kitchen cabinets with their frugal coloring, clean lines, and minimalist features. They tend to be black, white, stainless steel, and grey.
  2. Classical/ traditional cabinets rely heavily on ornamental features. The lines are elegantly flamboyant. The colors are rich and deep.
  3. Transitional cabinets combine features of both the modern and traditional styles.

There is an almost endless choice of flooring, countertops, lighting, and other fittings and amenities. The trick is to find a beautiful blend of color scheme, texture, and style.

Proper Installation

Ensure every aspect of your kitchen design is installed correctly. This serves to make the kitchen safe as well as attractive. Proper installation is also affordable in the long run.

The installation should strive to realize the design, staying true to the balance and symmetry, the focal points, and the scale and proportion.

The most reasonable thing to do in this instance is to let a qualified professional do it.

Personal Touch

The first step to designing your kitchen usually is browsing through images of model kitchen designs. This is all well and good. But this should only be to get the creative juices flowing.

Avoid the urge to recreate the designs. The kitchen is the family hearth and should reflect aspects of the family’s values. The ultimate cohesive kitchen design should harmonize the design and the personality of the owner.

If you are at a loss of how to do that, here are a few ideas:

  1. Family portrait on the wall
  2. Display your belongings, e.g., family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or prizes worn.
  3. Display the more impressive of your DIY project
  4. Customize aspects of your kitchen.

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The biggest takeaway should be that these pointers don’t make you a DIY expert in a cohesive kitchen designer. They should give you a basis from which to consult with your designer. Get in touch with Premium Kitchens located in Boca Raton for further assistance.

How to specialize a custom built Italian cabinet?

Best Italian Kitchen Cabinets in fl

Your kitchen says a lot about you, and an Italian-designed cookhouse is almost everything that anyone may ask for. Are you searching for a ‘modern Italian kitchen designer near me’? No need to worry since you are in the right place to get to your dream kitchen.

You have probably heard about the MAISTRI and OLIVIERI designs, and guess what? They have been brought closer by Premium Kitchens, located at the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It’s the 21st-century guys, do not look at kitchen catalogs with shiny and amazing finishes and get the best Italian kitchen cabinets for your home.

Visit one of Premium Kitchens’ high-end showrooms and have an experience that is worth talking about. With twenty-five years of experience decorating most kitchens’ interiors in South Florida, you could never go wrong.

Why are these the best Italian kitchen cabinets?

World Class designs

Talk of International standards, and these kitchen cabinets with attractive 3D renderings will make it to the list. It is not because they are imported from Italy, the land of culture and art, but due to the artistry.

As I had mentioned earlier, these are styles from MAISTRI and OLIVIERI, the masters of interior kitchen decorations.

  1. Professional Knowledge

Almost everyone wants kitchen cabinets that will keep their family and friends talking. And these cabinets are the perfect meaning of intricate and exceptional. Premium Kitchen’s passionate staff can combine a 45-degree beveled edge front with a 45-degree cut worktop to appear rigid, grounded, earthen, and even floating.

  1. Masterful designs

Their extraordinary countertops say it all. Natural stones of solid color or gorgeously patterned ones are cut smoothly at 2cm and 6cm wide for the full body. This design not only centers the space in your room but also maximizes it.

This means that you can push the counters to access your sink or cooking area whenever you need them. Moreover, they can be customized to a maximum of 320cm by 122cm.

  1. Advanced technologies

Thanks to the up-to-date technology, you do not have to apply force while opening or closing these cabinets. All you have to do is push once or make use of the sunken handle grip, and you are good to go.

Say goodbye to pulling and pushing hardware handles that are prone to wear and tear.

  1. Are you worried about the size of your kitchen or living space?

These cabinets are good to go for almost any kitchen or office. This is because they do not feature any frames, making them unique and, therefore, modifiable. So, how do they look? It is all about what you want.

For instance, most clients prefer fixing their cabinets at the corner of the room. Does it have an added advantage? Yes, they will enable you to keep everything away from sight.

That means it is perfect if you would like to transform your kitchen into a working space. The cabinets can also be very tall to suit your needs. And the shelves, pullout trays, and swing doors are accustomed just for you.


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For ’a modern Italian kitchen designer near me’ or the best Italian kitchen cabinets in Fort Lauderdale, go to Premium Kitchens. They offer a variety of designs to choose from at their showroom.

What are you waiting for? Call Premium Kitchens today and transform your kitchen and living space!

What makes a modern Italian kitchen look great?

Industrial Cheer in Fort Lauderdale

Italian kitchen design implies different things to various individuals. Italian kitchens have been recognized in recent years for their sleek and creative designs, but for most individuals, the notion of an Italian kitchen brings up thoughts of huge family gatherings in spaces packed with old-world elegance – these are the sentiments evoked by classic Italian kitchen designs.

Traditional Italian kitchen designs combine the cooking and dining rooms into a single central space, allowing family and friends to cook, converse, and dine all in one location. The kitchen’s style combines elegance with rustic appeal, making it one of the most popular kitchen designs. Traditional Italian kitchens are also very simple to design, but modern Italian kitchens have modern needs and styling requirements while still giving it that old-school charm. And that’s why we are here at premium kitchen to help you.

So, are you ready to work with the most excellent Italian kitchen designers to build your own Italian-inspired space? Pour yourself a drink of wine and continue reading to learn how to decorate and make your modern Italian kitchen seem fantastic.


  • The correct color scheme:

The typical Italian kitchen is filled with earthy tones such as cream, brown, and green. Generally, this is most prominently represented in the brick and stone architecture of the floor and walls, as well as exposed beams throughout the ceiling, but you don’t have to fully rebuild your kitchen’s ceiling and walls to create the effect.

The color palette you select for your kitchen will be determined by the size of your kitchen area as well as the amount of light. Darker hues may be employed in most kitchen sections if the space is expansive, spacious, and flooded with bright sunlight. American or afzelia walnut are deep, dark woods that provide depth and contrast to other colors like roman leaf, oatmeal, and moss stone.

Smaller kitchens should employ brighter colors across the area to make it feel larger. Oak is a fantastic choice for the kitchen’s wooden parts, and it typically matches nicely with mink, Gatsby green, and pebble.


  • Cabinets and worktops:

Wooden cabinets are the finest solution for achieving an Italian style in any size of the kitchen. Shaker and inset door designs are popular, and they may be paired with knob or bar handles. Worktops should be built of hardwood or granite, based on your specific tastes. New Tropical Brown granite or Venetian Gold countertops are trendy in Italian kitchens; they add a luxury touch to the classic wooden cabinets. Dark walnut or brighter oak wood choices should be used to enhance the rustic atmosphere of the area. Cabinets should be made of solid wood with glass-paned doors to exhibit your favorite culinary equipment, supplies, and tableware.


  • Appliances and accessories:

Italian kitchens, like traditional farmhouse kitchens, are focused on cooking. Therefore equipment, supplies, and appliances should be openly displayed rather than kept hidden. A range cooker is an excellent choice for this kind of kitchen since it may emphasize a passion for cooking for big groups of relatives and friends. Traditionally, this would’ve been a wood-burning stove, but a contemporary gas or electric range cooker can do nicely.

Copper accessories are a must-have in Italian home decor, especially in the kitchen. Light fittings and pans placed on the walls just above the oven are a fantastic way to incorporate this style into your house because they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are no hard and fast laws when it comes to sinks. Traditionally, porcelain would be used, although stainless steel may also be seen in many elegant Italian kitchens.

Mediterranean foods are, of course, the perfect complement to Italian cooking. Fresh lemons, jars of pasta, and bottles of red wine are all valuable additions to this romantic decor while also giving a very on-trend finishing touch.


Conclusion/ contact us:

While many people relate Italian kitchen design with rustic, old-world designs, this is not the only option. Italy is constantly on the cutting edge of design, whether it’s clothing, engineering, or interior design, and Italian modern kitchen design is no exception. Italy has been well-known in recent years for its cutting-edge designs.

Modern Italian kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, with integrated equipment and simplified design. Modern Italian kitchens are efficient, with no extra frills or accessories. If you need assistance and seek the finest contemporary kitchen designers, please get in touch with us now. We have 25+ years of experience in world-class interior design with intricate details and masterful design.

Customizing And Designing Media Rooms

By Carlos Aristizabal 6I9A8023

Are you looking to turn that unfinished basement into a media room that is sure to impress your friends? Maybe you already have a media room, but it could use a major makeover (and fewer dangling wires). Did you know, Premium Kitchens doesn’t just do kitchens? We also do customizing and designing media rooms! Premium Kitchens have brought incredible custom media rooms to homes all over Palm Beach County and Broward County for the past 25 years. Read on to learn our top tips for building your dream media room.

Customizing And Designing Media Rooms 

Comfort is key. Remember the cramped, uncomfortable seats that used to be in movie theaters a decade or so ago? Most theatres have now upgraded to new seats that are spacious, comfy, and can recline. The same upgrade needs to happen in your media room. Choose seating that is comfy and deep, then add a bunch of blankets and pillows. Now you have a place for your guests to sit back, put their feet up, and enjoy the show.

Mix Modern And Antique

Invest in dimmable, remote-controlled lights. Your primary source of light will be overhead lighting. There should be enough lights to make the room bright before the movie, and then they can be dimmed down during the show. Wall-mounted lighting can provide a hint of elegance. Run LED light strips along the floor, or for a high-end room, install fiber optic lighting.

To amaze your guests, use the remote control to raise the curtain that covers your screen. The same remote can lower the curtains on the windows, and drop down the high-definition projector from the ceiling.

With the right smart home device, all of this technology can be linked together. At a touch of a button, or at the command of a voice, your room can instantly transition from a well-lit seating room to a world-class movie theatre.

Your media room may be filled with the latest technology, but don’t be afraid to decorate with art pieces and details that make your room feel like a 1940s theater. It will be the small, intricate details that will raise your room to the next level.


Screen Size Matters

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a media screen that is the right size for your room; not too big or too small. Choosing the perfect screen size is not as easy as it sounds. A professional media room designer from Premium Kitchens can use our 3D media room designer software to give you a view of what your new room will look like. With a little math and our professional knowledge, we will know exactly how big your screen should be, and how far back your seats should be installed.

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All of the above can turn an average media room into a high-end masterpiece of comfort and fun. If you are looking for a professional media room designer, visit the high-end showroom at Premium Kitchens. We have been customizing and designing media rooms for the last 25 years.

Keys To Creating A Luxury Home Bar Design

A Luxury Home Bar Design

Is there anyone who would not love to own a home bar and duplicate the atmosphere and concept of a modern bar or cultured, luxurious, refined, and classic vibe of a bar in their home? Although perhaps, you may be among those looking for bar area ideas to create the ideal home mixture and appetizer bar, you may need to be steered in the right direction. At Premium Kitchens, we have put together the keys to creating a luxury home bar design that should help with bar area ideas. We have a very high-end showroom, and it is all about the experience. 


Keys To Creating A Luxury Home Bar Design – Which Room Will Be Your Home Bar?


It is this stage where you have to ask yourself  “what is the best room to build a home bar?” The room that precisely offers itself to this function is the living room; it is a widespread belief. The work will be much easier if either the kitchen or living room area is open; they want to steer away from kitchen remodeling to focus more on contemporary kitchen design and interior, which will enable the utilization of available spaces. Of course, it is not equally abnormal to desire an outdoor home bar sited in the garden or pool. However, you have to remember what matters above anything else – is that you can discern the ideal place for your home bar and communicate the idea for a separate world where you can chill every time you want. Premium Kitchens offers quality home bar designs.


Why Have A Bar At Home?

Here at Premium Kitchens, all of our products are imported from Italy if you are considering customizing your room and willing to create a space that will be committed to you and your loved ones. All homes, large or small, should have a comfortable lounge area, which serves to welcome friends and families, party, toast, and celebrate big and little wins with associates. 


Worried About A Bar Counter Design?

Regardless of the style you choose, Premium kitchens offer a world-class design that reflects intricate details, professional knowledge, masterful design accompanied with advanced technology, and a high level of capabilities with passionate staff.


The primary step to creating a small home bar in your house will be to blend a counter. It is one of the home bar essentials, depending on your needs and spaces. With the counter, the stools form part of the home bar furniture that plays the role of true protagonists. The counter is the central bedrock of your home bar design. It is where your guests get seated on metal stools and able to gather around and try one of your drink creations, and maybe sip together during a chat. 


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Do you have ideas on creating a home bar area? Premium Kitchens has all the experience to conceptualize your ideas and imaginations. Click here to see the keys to creating a luxury home bar design and for more information, contact us today!

Italian Kitchen designer in Boca Raton


Summer is the perfect time to complete your kitchen remodel. Finding the right designer to help you create the perfect kitchen may be the only snag in your plans. If you’re looking for an Italian kitchen designer in Boca Raton, the look is over! Premium Kitchens has been designing upscale and functional kitchens for years, bringing all the elements you want together in one amazing design.


What Is an Italian Kitchen Design?

Italian kitchen design revolves around clean lines and a minimalist approach to colors and style at its core. Italian kitchen cabinets in Boca Raton are usually more flat and smooth, with fewer embellishments than typical kitchen cabinets. The Italian kitchen design in Boca utilizes white-on-white for most colors, giving it a classic and timeless look. It’s a more refined kitchen overall, blending minimal hardware and accents and giving a fresh, modern and industrial feel. Contemporary Italian kitchen designers say this style is gaining in popularity for its clean feel and ease of use. It’s perfect for smaller kitchens as it tends to make space appear bigger than it seems. 


Designing Your Kitchen

Most Italian kitchens offer a wide, spacious layout and open floor plan, giving you space for multiple people cooking at once. But to make this your dream kitchen, you need to make sure everything works well for how you cook. Every kitchen is different, just as every homeowner cooks differently. Decide on what you absolutely can’t go without and what is second, third, and last on the list of things you need in your kitchen. What appliances and counter space do you need to cook effectively? Is your current lighting good enough, or do you need new fixtures? It’s also important to keep your budget in mind and to even set aside a little extra in case of additional costs. You’ll want to plan exactly how much everything will cost and ensure that the right parts, hardware and cabinets will all reflect the current budget. Some items are becoming difficult to find or are increasing in price, so keep that in mind as well while you’re planning. 


Italian Kitchen In Boca

If you need to gut the kitchen or plan on upgrading the current floor plan, it’s good to have an Italian kitchen designer in Boca with you every step of the way. They will be able to determine where the best locations are for appliances and any additional hookups. They’ve been designing kitchens for years, and have seen every floor plan. This allows them to better picture the new layouts you have in mind, and they can help you determine the best course of action in realizing your dream kitchen. A modern Italian kitchen designer knows how to transform your kitchen into the Boca Raton contemporary kitchen of your dreams. 


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Are you ready to bring your new kitchen to life? Hiring the best Italian kitchen designer in Boca Raton is your first step! Premium Kitchens has over twenty-five years of experience in designing the perfect Italian kitchen. We work with you to ensure it’s exactly what you want, all within budget. Call us today!

Choosing the Right European Style Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton

By Carlos Aristizabal 6I9A0028

Picking the right appliances and accents for your kitchen remodel or construction job is never easy. You want styles and colors that can last for years that you’ll be happy with time and time again. A growing trend is European style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale. This beautiful and timeless cabinet style easily accents any kitchen decor and will leave you falling in love with it each time you enter the kitchen. Premium Kitchens can help you get these stunning cabinets into your new kitchen in no time with our expert cabinet installation services. 


What Are European Cabinets?

The European style is very smooth, highly minimalist in design, lending it well to many different styles of kitchens. It was originally designed to fit European kitchens where space is limited, meaning even the cabinets needed to be low key and have a minimal flair in their design. This also lent the design to have improved efficiency and functionality for the homeowner, decreasing the cabinets overall ornamentation and making up for it to allow people more ease of use and create more space for other kitchen accessories. Most of the popular European cabinets offer sleek style and flair that fits anything from modern to more rustic kitchen designs. They do borrow some style from American cabinets but offer a more seamless and refined design. 


Characteristics of European Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets offer more of a high-end appearance than other kitchen cabinets due to their ultra-sleek style. Euro-style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale go perfectly with any modern kitchen, as the cabinets are streamlined, well defined, and have clean lines and edges. They offer a more minimalist approach to a kitchen design, letting your eyes wander to all the aspects of the kitchen and not making them the focal point. Although with how beautiful they can be, it may be hard to resist staring at them for some people! The cabinets are highly smooth and flat, usually combined with high gloss paint to really make the shine pop. This gives them a freshly polished, texture appearance, helping smaller kitchens to appear larger and roomier. Picking the perfect hardware, vinyl, and glass can really accentuate these cabinet features, bringing in a whole new style to any kitchen remodel. 


European Kitchen Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale

With this minimalist aesthetic, there are no bells and whistles with these Euro kitchen cabinets. If you’re going to full flair and all the accents in your Fort Lauderdale kitchen, these may not be the cabinets for you. Even though they are very simple in design, European style cabinets still stand out as a highly refined and sleek element to any kitchen. They can be painted in both muted and bright colors, taking the back seat to the rest of the kitchen when painted grey, white and taupe. But if you’re looking to really make a splash, painting your Euro cabinets in Fort Lauderdale a bright red, lime green, or even oranges can bring out the best in these cabinets. These cabinets don’t have any trim, carvings, crown mouldings, or raised panels. Picking out the right hardware or other accenting pieces will be ultra-important with these cabinets to truly let them be unique and truly bring out those angular lines and straight edges. 


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Are you ready to outfit your new, modern kitchen with European style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale? Or is your kitchen remodel in need of popular European cabinets? Either way, Premium Kitchens can help you select the style and color you want for the perfect kitchen for years to come. Call us today to get started! 

How To Get The Best Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Boca Raton


With summer already in full swing, you may be contemplating a kitchen remodel before all the summer parties and barbecues. You may not even remember the last time the kitchen has been redone, which means it’s time for custom kitchen cabinets from Boca Raton to complement your new kitchen properly. Trust the cabinet makers of Premium Kitchens in Florida to get the job done right the first time. 

First Steps

If this is your first kitchen remodel, it’s crucial to understand what you want from experience. Know what designs you want to go with, what colors, and how you want to transform your kitchen. Whether it’s a big remodel or small, be very specific on what you want to see as the end product. Premium Kitchens always work with you, the client, in achieving the look you want best, all while staying within budget and time. We will help collaborate on how to best achieve your vision in the new remodel and how custom cabinets in Boca will help achieve the look you want. For a proper revamp, envisioning your new kitchen can help Premium Kitchen’s designers understand what you truly want out of the remodel and can properly work with you in determining the best and most efficient way of transforming your kitchen.

Custom Cabinet Makers in Boca Raton

If you want only the best custom-made kitchen cabinets in Boca, Premium Kitchens is the company for you. Its founder, Thierry Pigeot, had been making custom cabinets in Italy for over fifteen years before coming to the United States to carry on the business. Since 2013, Pigeot has been working diligently in the US, delivering only the finest kitchen designs and cabinets. Our team of Italian craftsmen uses only the finest materials to build the custom cabinets of your dreams, taking pride in every aspect and detail of the new pieces. Kitchen cabinets can easily make a kitchen pop, both in style and versatility. It’s no wonder that Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale residents trust the craftsmanship of Premium Kitchens when it comes to both the designing phase and creating breathtaking custom cabinets. 

Making Your Dream A Reality

In addition to our custom cabinet builders, we pride ourselves on our innovative and practical designs. A kitchen is the most vital area of the house, and it’s no surprise that kitchens are getting a revamp in recent years. They are the hub of a home and great gathering centers for a family meal or a big, impressive party. Having a kitchen that flows and works with you is key to achieving the ultimate kitchen of your dreams. Premium Kitchens knows this well, as we’ve been in the designing business for over two decades. We will review your plans, ask questions, and get to know what you truly want out of your kitchen revamp. Our designers will create multiple 3D renderings to show you all the views and aspects of your new kitchen. We will work with you on the designs until they are perfect for what you envision, and we will set right to work in getting your kitchen transformed. 

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Have you been searching for “cabinet makers near me” with no results? Trust the expertise of Premium Kitchens! We will help you transform your kitchen into the most beautiful and functional area of your home, fulfilling your dreams. Call us today!