Timeless Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know Of!

Kitchen Design Trends

If you were obsessed with kitchen designs five years ago, you would realize that upcoming trends quickly fade away, and something better always seems to be on the waitlist. A kitchen renovation consumes effort, time, and money. But one thing is for sure some kitchen design trends have stood up to the tests of time and style. Below are kitchen design trends that are durable and fashionable.


Kitchen Design Trends That Will Remain In Style For Years To Come

  • Go green!

A decade ago, a jungle green color for a kitchen cabinet trend would have sounded lame, not anymore! Green is having a moment of fame in most kitchens, and while other hues will come with elegance and quickly disappear, this color won’t. An example is that new kitchen trends are replacing good old gray with mint green! You will achieve what you want with this green trend, whether targeting a vintage or contemporary look.

  • Organizational add-ons

When it comes to current kitchen trends or the ones in 2030, storage still claims a massive part of it. And additional organizational features could in no way run out of style. Consider plate inserts for your pan drawers.

  • The integration of kitchen appliances

Who could say no to locking away kitchen appliances behind your new set of sleek, shiny cabinetry? Besides, it’s perfect for any kitchen design, whether open or small and compact. The aesthetic points your kitchen earns from the streamlined look goes without saying.

  • Subway tile for kitchen backsplash trends

Talk of a clean and classy look, and it may be hard to separate that from the effects of subway tiles on your backsplash. Thanks to its white color, you are at liberty to match it with other trends. If you love blue, a blue backsplash may be okay. But come to think of it, that could quickly vanish in the fashion world. Going safe means choosing subway tiles!

  • Vintage appliances are a better choice

When the kitchen finally got recognized, most considered white for their kitchen appliances. And now the market is shifting towards stainless-steel appliances. What could be next? We may not answer that, but we are sure that vintage appliances have and will always maintain their popularity.

  • Natural materials

To ensure a timeless kitchen, you could never go wrong with natural materials like stone and wood. From Marple, cherry to birch cabinetry, you have various options to consider. For stone, consider limestone, slate, or granite cabinets.

  • Wellness to your kitchen!

Much focus has shifted to physical and mental wellness, and who would have thought that our kitchens could join the movement? Such kitchens characterize natural light, inspired by light colors, a social ambiance, and some green! Think of a kitchen garden station on the side as you prepare your breakfast. Call it a better way to start your day!

While our kitchens should speak of fashion, they should balance style and longevity. The above kitchen design trends will ensure your kitchen is an inspiration for many years to come. As you renovate, be sure to opt for a qualified contractor for quality results.

The Exact Process Of Creating A Countertop From Beginning To End

Countertop installation

Countertop installation can bring a wonderful new look to your bathrooms, kitchens, and bars, etc. They add value to a new kitchen or your home remodel.  The best countertop installation will immediately draw to the classic looks of the granite or quartzite countertops, and it is important to select the right one for your space.

When you need a countertop, it is advisable that you work with an expert or professional who will provide this service from start to finish. As exciting as it may be, you have to plan before you can achieve it. You have to have a clear idea of the process of building a countertop to enable you to prepare.


Countertops Know-How

Before you build or buy a new countertop, there are factors you have to consider. Which is the measurement of the space where a quartzite countertop needs to be installed and creating a plan and the materials needed to create the type of countertop you need. This can include:

  • countertop installation
  • Outdoor kitchen countertops
  • Soapstone countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Quartzite countertops
  • Quartz countertops
  • Marble countertops

After which you can create a cost estimate for your project of choice.


To make sure your countertop installation features the perfect size, you need to create a prototype. To achieve these, we recommend you get a professional to come to your home and measure the space and create a digital prototype and plan out your countertops.


Immediately you have a prototype, it is time to cut and plan your outdoor kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. If you haven’t decided on the materials yet, this will be the right time to make a choice or change your previous choice. The prototype and plans are now taken by your professional and that will help him prepare your counters.

This prototype will most likely include amenities that need to be added while making countertops and other custom changes. Which may include the following:

  • Electricity outlets
  • Shape modifications
  • Appliances cutout units
  • Plumbing units

This fabrication will be added by your contracted professional when making countertops should ensure you get the perfect countertops you desire.

Installation Of Countertop

On the day of your countertop installation, your customized countertops will be fabricated to fit your specifications, seamless look, clean fittings. After which your expert will install them professionally to match your taste.


Before you plan on replacing or installing new countertops, either cheap or expensive, you should take a moment to consider what you want to achieve from your kitchen, bathroom, or bar countertops. So you can plan well and achieve that.

A perfect Silestone, quartz, granite, and marble kitchen countertops don’t have to be expensive. So, do not pay too much attention to the cost of the countertop, or feel that the more expensive it is, the prettier it will look. That is not always the case here.  But what matters is for your countertop to suit your requirements and needs. If NOT, even the priced countertops can be a liability. It should be about you.

Kitchen Technology You Must Include In Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Technological innovations are here to stay and they have altered what seemed impossible. Kitchen remodel has come a long way and nowadays the latest kitchen tech will amaze you. Every single aspect of our home has been revolutionized by technology, and the modern kitchen has not been left behind.

One of the most significant aspirations for a property owner is to have the highest tech kitchen. One with increased productivity, convenience and excellent opportunities to enjoy yourself.


Here are some of the latest Kitchen Technology Trends


Nothing has been more popular in recent days than Alexa. You can use this new technology to revamp your contemporary kitchen. With Alexa, cooking will become quite enjoyable and simple, as all you have to do is ask it to play a playlist and you are good to go! Listen to your most favorite tunes as you work in your modern kitchen.


A Charging Station

Aren’t you tired of having charging wires all over the house and in different corners? Well, experts in kitchen remodel have come up with the perfect solution – adding a charging station in your kitchen drawers. This will help keep the trash away.

You will also end up in a win-win situation as all the counters will stay clean, and additionally, as your phone is not in front of your eyes, you may function better without it.


Implement Smart Lighting Tech

Smart lighting is quite a high tech kitchen plan that is tailored to fully utilize your kitchen. What it will do is notice that you are moving around and turn on lights for you where you go, or change the lights as per your preferences in your modern kitchen.

This will also help with energy cost savings as an automated system predicts your emotions better and also improves the efficiency of your modern kitchen more.


An Inter-Connected Heater for your Water

In most kitchens, water heaters have a limited lifespan. When doing a kitchen remodel, this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce new kitchen technology such as having a remote-controlled temperature management system that is internet-connected with the water heater.

This is ideal for people who frequently travel and would wish to save money while away. As a new high tech kitchen idea, you will really appreciate it.


A Device Bowl

This isn’t really a gadget but it is designed as a kitchen gadget. It refers to large bowls used in a modern kitchen and kept on top of the kitchen counter.

The main purpose of the bowl is to store all of your cell phones and other accessories while you are in the kitchen in order not to make a mess. Additionally, this also means that people will not use their phones while in the kitchen, which will improve your communication.

Unique Solutions To Making Your Small Kitchen Remodel Look Bigger

small kitchen remodel

Admit it. You have been dreaming about getting a bigger kitchen. You have even measured your kitchen, and you are convinced that it is not possible to get a bigger one. But you are wrong! It is possible to have a small kitchen remodel and make your kitchen look bigger than its measurements would suggest.


Here are some ideas that will help you achieve your goal.

1. White Cabinets

If you want your kitchen to look spacious and clean, you can choose white cabinets for your kitchen. They are an ideal choice for maximizing space and making the area look larger than it is. You can even create the illusion of a bigger space by keeping all the cabinets clean without any extra decorations or accessories; a simple, clean white surface will do.

2. Light Colored Floors

Light-colored floors such as wooden floors or light tiles will help enhance the sense of space in your compact kitchen and make it look brighter. Conversely, dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller, so if you want to make your kitchen appear bigger, you can choose lighter colors for the flooring.

3. Remove walls and other barriers to create open floor plans.

Demolishing a wall between the kitchen and another room is one of the easiest ways to make a small kitchen feel larger. A great way to do this is by removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room or family room. Removing it creates an open floor plan and increases the amount of natural light entering the space because there are no longer exterior walls to block sunlight.

4. Install mirrors strategically around the room to increase light and create more space visually.

A little trick of the trade is strategically positioning mirrors in your kitchen. Mirrors not only make the room look bigger, but they also reflect light, which makes a room appear brighter and more open.

5. Install open shelves.

They are an easy way to make any room look spacious. They provide additional storage for appliances and cookbooks while leaving more floor space free, making it look like there’s more room in the kitchen. Install them on every available wall — over breakfast nooks, behind sofas, along pantry walls, and even near dining areas — and you’ll have plenty of extra space for everything you need.

6. Replace wooden door cabinets with glass

Kitchen cabinets can seem like a massive obstruction to the kitchen. When you want to open them, you lose all sense of the space behind them, and it feels like you are starting over from scratch.


Simple small kitchen remodel ideas

Small kitchen layouts often force us to find more creative ways to deal with them. One of those solutions is to replace the cabinet doors with glass paneling instead of wood.

Glass paneling also has a way of making us feel like we have more of a view. Even if there’s nothing but the wall outside, the light shining through looks much brighter and cleaner than normal light coming through wood paneling.

Glass also makes it easier to see what’s inside cabinets without having to open them, which can help people organize better and be inspired by what they have got inside.

To make it bigger, you can implement the unique ideas above for your small kitchen renovation. First, make notes of your favorites, then discuss these options with a kitchen designer or contractor before making your design choices. We are sure that together you will find a solution that fits all your needs and your budget.

Top 10 Tips To Know Before Getting Your Kitchen Remodeled

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodeling project can be extremely rewarding for you, especially when it’s done well. It could even add considerable value to your property. However, there is a wide range of options for a kitchen renovation, and here are some tips you should consider for any kitchen remodeling ideas.


Start by Determining Your Kitchen Renovation Goals

It would be best if you had a goal in mind. This is what you would wish to achieve with your kitchen renovation project. Be sure to focus on the complete picture, the amount of space in your kitchen, and any other extra functionality you wish your kitchen to have.


Set a Realistic Budget

Kitchen remodeling ideas can quickly get out of hand if you do not set strict boundaries for budgets and what you wish to accomplish. Therefore, it is vital to have a clear budget that must be adhered to regardless of the project, and the kitchen remodel cost must be set in the beginning.


Plan for your Kitchen Appliances as Well

Kitchen appliances should easily fit into your kitchen with ease. Things such as cooking stoves, refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwaves should be considered when planning a kitchen renovation project and included in your project.


Come Up With a Plan

Do not just start a kitchen renovation project without a plan. This will quickly spiral out of control, and you may end up with a shoddy job or an utterly exaggerated budget. Have a goal in mind at all times.


Understand the Key Elements for Kitchen Makeover Ideas

As per research, most people desire a kitchen that connects to their dining rooms, and they also love kitchen remodeling ideas that feature a central kitchen island. Please understand the basic elements before starting a kitchen renovation project.


Pay Close Attention to Details

Kitchen renovations tend to have many big plans, but the small details make all the difference. From the tiles to the backsplash to the faucets, ensure that you consider each element of the design before starting the process.


Color Scheme is Extremely Important

One of the most important decisions you will make in your kitchen renovation project is the color scheme. This will cause a significant impact on the overall look of the kitchen.


Choose Your Materials Wisely

Materials used for your work surfaces, the floors, windows, etc., must be decided in advance. If you wish to have an excellent and sophisticated job, go for either granite, marble, or wood. Each of them has plenty they bring on board.


Choose The Best Use for Your Space

The space you have should decide precisely what you want to do during the kitchen remodeling project. Generally, the more storage space you have in the kitchen, the better for you.


Design the Whole Project Around Your Appliances

As mentioned earlier, kitchen appliances now play a significant role in the design of your kitchen. As you are planning for your kitchen renovation project, this is of primary importance.

Modern Kitchen Island Features for Your Home

Kitchen island features

If coming home to a kitchen island has not crossed your mind, you are probably one among the few. These islands have it all, from smooth and dramatic surfaces to exceptional functionality.

Whether you wish for a working area or a social space for those weekend wine sessions, this trend is not fading anytime soon. Kitchen island features don’t just enhance the feel and look of your home; they incorporate more storage space while still serving as a cooking prep.


Modern kitchen island features

One thing is for sure, there are no rules to this game, so you can choose whatever colors and materials you like. But let’s look at some tips for selecting a kitchen island:


  1. Take inspiration from some old classics to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Most homeowners are going for islands that mimic old-fashioned furniture. The good news is they are readily available. Therefore, you don’t have to build your own unless you want it to serve unique needs. This kitchen island design intends to keep up with a farmhouse dining room and comes in different styles and colors just as you like it. Remember, classics never die!


  1. High contrast features are perfect for modern kitchen island designs.

Keep in mind your ideal texture, tone, and preferred colors. They should balance and flow smoothly. Whether you would like to see wood and some metallic parts on your island, go for it. The same applies to colors; the sky’s the limit. You could choose two different colors like navy blue and white if black and white are just too standard for you. Who said lipstick red wouldn’t do fine? However, consulting your designer about this mix and match trend may be a better idea as a trained eye may see beyond our unrealistic desires.


  1. Add some waterfall countertops for a modern flair.

Waterfall countertops add a modern flair to your kitchen. The countertop goes beyond the island’s edge, flowing down on all sides to evoke a beauty of multiple dimensions. If you wish to make a statement and go beyond the standard kitchen island, this is one way. Additionally, find out the best material for the existing kitchen design among the popular ones like engineered quartz, wood, concrete, and natural stone.


  1. Extra storage

You probably don’t like the sight of all kinds of appliances lying around your kitchen; we don’t either! So, what if there was a solution to a pretty much tidy kitchen? You would probably jump on the idea, and that is possible with multi-use kitchen features.

Kitchen island designs incorporate cabinetry, shelves, and drawers. If you prefer, you may have some additional space to display your mugs and series of cookbooks. And guess what? You can also include a charging station (hidden or not as per your liking). Remember that you could never go wrong with simplicity. So, don’t overdo it!


  1. Add seating to turn your kitchen island into a social space.

Installing seating and modern lighting to the kitchen island feels like taking dinner in one of those fancy restaurants. These features usher in a social space for you and your family while introducing a feeling of entertainment. Sounds good after a hectic day at work! Consider wood, preferably dark, highly-veined stone, and lighting to add a luxurious look. Ensure to control the lighting so you can quickly shift from a relaxed to a working mood with a button!

Inspiring Kitchen Remodel Trends For 2021

kitchen remodel in Fort Lauderdale

Are you looking for ways to spice up your kitchen? At Premium Kitchens in Fort Lauderdale, we tell you all about modern kitchen designs in 2021 that you will not be able to resist. Our team understands that people need a little inspiration when it comes to a kitchen remodel or kitchen design in general, which is why we provide the information that we do. We have over 25 years of experience, and we are currently steering away from remodels and focusing more on contemporary kitchen designs such as Italian kitchen cabinets. We also have a very high-end showroom because we believe that experience is a huge factor when it comes to designing. We love to show off our world-class designs, our professional knowledge, and the intricate details that we can achieve with our advanced technologies and beautiful 3-D renderings. Our staff is very passionate and can design any room in your home, but we want to focus on kitchens for now because many homeowners are looking to design theirs. The kitchen is the heart of your home, after all. 


Kitchen Remodel Tips 

We want to provide you with the best tips for kitchen designs, such as Italian kitchen cabinets and other classy looks. One design that people are loving in 2021 is a kitchen that is beautiful but functional. A functional kitchen usually includes countertops that are open and inviting and appliances that are rather hidden but still very easy to access. This trend is very popular because it is modern and subtle. Another design that people love this year is a kitchen that looks very artistic. For those of you who are interested in this design, we suggest that you design your kitchen using a lot of earth tones and a lot of art, and even pops of color to tie everything together to truly make it unique. Another popular trend is a simple kitchen that is very minimalistic and modern. These kinds of kitchens do not require any decorations or fancy details but rather a simplistic room with all of the necessities and beautiful natural light shining through the windows.


Make It Yours 

We understand that many homeowners like to come up with their own creations. We encourage you to do this as well! You can use our advice on trendy designs like Italian kitchen cabinets with a bit of your own style added to them. Even though we love sharing our tips for designing kitchens, we want to make sure that your kitchen is exactly what you envision your dream kitchen to be.


We Can Help 

Once you are ready to design the kitchen of your dreams, we want you to know that we can help you through the entire process. We love forming and building relationships with clients, so you can rest assured that we will help you figure out what will be best for your kitchen and your living style.


Contact Us

Premium Kitchens are professionals who want you to know all about trendy kitchen remodel ideas. We understand that trends are constantly changing and that homeowners like to keep up with them, so we share our knowledge and advice for homeowners everywhere! Contact us today in Fort Lauderdale for more information.


We Design Luxury Kitchens – Learn More About Italian Inspired Design

luxury kitchen in Boca Raton

As we usher in a new era of work from home life and quarantine, more and more people are looking into new design options that make their homes more functional. This can look like repurposing bedrooms into office space, garages into gyms, and family rooms into classrooms. And just like the family room, the kitchen is an epicenter and gets lots of traffic throughout the day. Therefore, designing it isn’t a task to take lightly. At Premium Kitchens, our kitchen designers have over 25 years of experience in designing luxury kitchens. We offer our Boca Raton customers a unique high-end showroom experience as well as cutting-edge technology, magnificent 3D renderings, world-class design, intricate detailing, and above all, a passionate staff. To top it off, all of our products are imported directly from Italy. It is safe to say we are more than capable of taking any of your design ideas to the next level. Read on for ideas for the kitchen. 


Luxury Kitchen Designs

There are typically one of two ways that people want their kitchen to function in a luxury home. One of those is a place strictly to cook meals; kitchen designers call this a wet kitchen. The other, a dry kitchen, is a space to also relax, maybe have a coffee, and get away from it all. At Premium Kitchens, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to create integrated environments to meet their long-term needs. Here are three luxury Italian design options that stand out.


Italian Kitchen Models 

Ratio – Dada; architectural kitchen

  • Metal grids define its basic architecture, including accessories, columns, and hoods. It supports both empty and full volumes and different thicknesses, creating an intricate balance. Materials used are typically warm and model Mediterranean characters. 


 Boffi Apr60; greystone kitchen

  • It is suited to be more of a functional kitchen. Its greystone finish and solid wood snack table promote a formal and efficient appeal. It is characterized by a raised worktop and highly customizable so that clients can make it their own.


Slide – Armani Dada

  • An informal, wet kitchen, the slide design allows the kitchen area to take center stage. It is characterized by the central island, champagne-colored marble, and functional elements hidden just below the surface. 


Partner With A Professional

Any of these design options stand out to you? Don’t waste any more time. Our interior designers can help you put together a plan for every room in your home. Were you just looking to start with the kitchen? No problem. Our kitchen designers have the professional knowledge needed to build you a design that is a reflection of you entirely. We understand that there is no place like home; let us help you make it memorable. Our efficient six-step process is guaranteed to have you enjoying your new home in no time. 


Contact Us

Are you ready to discuss luxury kitchen designs for your home? Don’t hesitate. Our team at Premium Kitchens in Boca Raton wants to hear from you. To learn more, call us today! 

European Style Cabinets Are Stylish & Elegant

European style cabinets in Fort Lauderdale

Does an elegant contemporary kitchen featuring beautiful European-style cabinets sound ideal to you? Not sure where to turn to in the Fort Lauderdale area to make your dream kitchen a reality? You need to visit us, Premium Kitchens. We have over 25 years of experience designing stunning custom cabinets and kitchens. If modern European styling is what you are after, our passionate staff and world-class designers can help. Want to know more about European styling? Read on below to find out more about this attractive design option!


What Are European Style Cabinets

European cabinets use a frameless design to provide a smooth, sleek appearance. These cabinets are designed to blend in and almost vanish inside your kitchen. Here are a few more characteristics of modern European cabinetry. 

  • The cabinets feature a frameless design that incorporates hidden hinges.
  • No hardware is used to aid in the sleekness of the cabinetry.
  • Smart storage solutions.
  • Lightweight while retaining structural strength.
  • Multifunctional with minimalistic styling.


Continents Apart in Style

European homes can be hundreds of years older than their American counterparts. American homes generally are constructed with more standardization than earlier European-style homes where. This leads to American cabinetry not being as personalized or versatile as European cabinets. 


It is not uncommon for European homes and apartments not to include cabinetry when moving in. This has led to more personalized modular custom cabinets being the choice for European buyers. Being more modular than American cabinets allows European cabinets to be portable and fit in many different spaces. 


Another difference between the two styles is the frame or the European cabinets’ lack of a frame. Without a frame, European cabinetry allows for greater interior storage. This makes them a perfect choice for smaller houses and apartments. Both cabinet styles offer some benefits over the other. Cost and your design choices will determine what product is best for you.


Styling For the Ages

Like a fine wine, European cabinetry tends to age better over time than other styles. Years after being installed, European cabinets still maintain a timeless, clean, sleek appearance. 


These cabinets can add a pop of flair and styling that many American-style kitchens lack. This unique styling can add tremendous value to your home if you ever decide to sell.


Continuing with the theme of versatile, timeless styling, European cabinets’ minimalist design allows them to fit in and complement almost any room in your home. The styling of these beautiful cabinets will enable them to fit in with practically any design style you may choose. 


Contact Us

European style cabinets offer timeless elegance and beauty to any home. Going with custom cabinets from Premium Kitchens can add a look of international sophistication to your Fort Lauderdale home. We are a global company that uses our 25 years of experience and advanced design technology to bring masterful results to your kitchen or any room in your home. Call or visit us today and let our passionate world-class design team go to work for you!

High End Kitchen Design Is What We Do Best – There’s No Slowing Us Down!

high end kitchen design in Fort Lauderdale

Even though America is facing hope with COVID-19 between social distancing, masks, and vaccines, the same thing cannot be said for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Italy is experiencing a second lockdown due to the surging COVID-19 cases. This means that many businesses and jobs have to be put to rest until this lockdown is over. However, industries are not on lockdown, so they are doing their best to not have delays in their work. Here at Premium Kitchens, we are still moving forward with top-notch contemporary kitchen designs and interior designs. Since COVID-19 cases are still running rampant, people are spending a lot of time in their homes which is an even better incentive for them to redesign their kitchens. Luckily, you can achieve a high end kitchen design even though Italy is on lockdown. You can install anything from Italian kitchen cabinets to tables if you want to! We always strive for the best services because we are the best in Fort Lauderdale!


Why Our High End Kitchen Design Stands Out 

With Italy being on lockdown, many people in America might feel uninspired to design their kitchens using products from Italy. This is because they might be hesitant about waiting for products to arrive, or they might even worry that COVID-19 will come with the products. However, you can rest assured that our business takes this pandemic very seriously, and it takes all of the necessary precautions before you receive any products. Therefore, we want to explain why our company stands out from other companies. Not only do we still offer high-quality products such as Italian kitchen cabinets even during a pandemic, but we have over 25 years of experience. Any product that you want is shipped directly from Italy to your kitchen. Our professional knowledge will provide you with masterful and world-class designs with the most intricate details you can imagine. Between our advanced technologies and our capability to design any room in your house, you will not be disappointed. Our team also has 3-D renderings and a very high-end showroom for anyone to gather inspiration from. 


Do Not Settle For Less

Our staff wants you to know that we still deliver the same quality and professionalism that we have always delivered, even during a pandemic. We can help you design any aspect of your kitchen so that you achieve the modern and contemporary style you have always wanted. We can install anything from Italian kitchen cabinets to utilities to furniture, and more.


Our Hearts Go Out

Since all of our products are imported from Italy, our hearts go out to those suffering from COVID-19. We hope that this second lockdown does not last for long and that people in Italy will be able to return to relatively normal lives as soon as possible.


Contact Us

Premium Kitchens are professionals who want you to know that we offer the same high end kitchen design that we did even before Italy’s second lockdown. We do not want our industry to back down even during a pandemic. Call or visit us today in Fort Lauderdale for more information.