Designing Your Dream Kitchen: Why Luxury Kitchens in Fl Are Worth the Investment

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Luxury kitchens in Florida are not only a status symbol but also a great investment for your home. Whether you plan to sell your home in the future or want to enjoy it for years, a luxurious kitchen can add value and enjoyment to your life.

This blog article explains why high-end kitchens in Fl are worth the effort, time, and investment.


1. Luxury kitchens are highly durable.

Apart from the beauty and elegance of luxury kitchens in Fl, they are built with durability to ensure their longevity. If you have ever stepped into a luxury kitchen, the first thing you might notice is the high-end materials used throughout the cooking space.

The countertops, cabinets, lighting, and floorings are designed to match style with durability. Hence, your luxury kitchen will maintain its beauty and function for years.

2. Luxury kitchens are built for premium function.

Another reason a luxury kitchen in Fl is worth the investment is its functionality. The kitchen has lasting specs with specific functions in mind. The appliances and materials in a luxurious kitchen are chosen to make cooking easier and help you perform kitchen chores more efficiently.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, think about high-end features like ample storage, a smart and unique layout, and high-end appliances, all of which contribute to the complete function of your luxurious kitchen.

3. Luxury kitchens are perfect for house parties.

Why set up canopies and chairs outside the house when you can use your luxury kitchen to entertain your guests? Another unique fact about luxury kitchens in Fl is that they are perfect for entertainment.

Whenever you feel like hosting a house-mini party, you do not need to worry about the venue: your luxury kitchen can be used to host your guests.

4. Customized luxury kitchen matches your style and preference.

A luxury kitchen allows you to have appliances and materials different from your neighbors. You can talk with a designer to choose the countertops, sinks, and floorings that suit your taste and meet the preference of your home, and family needs. Why go with popular choices when you can have yours customized?

5. Luxury kitchens add value to your home.

High-end kitchens in Fl increase the value and profitable use of your home. If you ever decide to rent it out or sell it, potential buyers will be pleased with the quality and design of your kitchen. As a result, your home will be sold at a high and reasonable price.


Take a Step Towards Luxury!

You can take a step closer to remodeling your kitchen to a luxury kitchen in Fl by contacting the best designers for the job. Premium Kitchens is here in Florida to make your dream kitchen designs come true.

We have remained in the business for many years, and our clients trust our sense of judgment in choosing quality materials and designs for their kitchens. Contact us today, and let’s make your kitchen work for you!

Top 7 Premium Kitchen Design Trends That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Premium kitchen designs in Palm Beach Gardens

If you are a lover of custom  kitchen designs, your definition of uniqueness must be embedded in your way of doing things. The common and most used place in the home is the kitchen. It is usually built the same way as your neighbors, with the usual kitchen standards.

However, if you desire something different from the regular, this blog post is for you. Premium Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens offers trending designs that will make your neighbors jealous.

Below are 7 kitchen design trends that will make your kitchen stand out among equals.


1. Incorporate unique colors and materials into your design.

To start with, choose custom materials and colors that meet your preference. The more irregular the material, the more unique your kitchen space will be. More so, work with top designers trained for luxury kitchens in Palm Beach Gardens that can give you guidelines on how to match your preferred colors with the rest of the house.

2. Use creative storage solutions to create more space.

Instead of scattered cupboards and drawers, use creative storages that are hidden and well-constructed. Keeping stuff in storage gives more space to move around, keep things out of sight and make them more accessible.

3. Invest in high-quality appliances that will make your life easier.

A feature of a high-end kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens that can make your neighbors jealous is high-quality appliances. Appliances that are advanced and built with the latest technological style increase their function. As a result, you work in your kitchen quickly and more efficiently.

4. Create a functional layout that meets all of your needs.

You need a functional layout design for your kitchen to make it look stylish and furnished for maximum efficiency. Your layout structure might be a U-shaped or L-shaped layout. However, remember that the layout will determine the outcome of whatever changes you plan in your kitchen.

5. Add personal touches to your design that reflect your style.

Consider adding a taste of your style to all the kitchen designs. Your premium kitchen in Palm Beach Garden will make your neighbors jealous if it is carefully crafted to your liking and preference.

6. Make sure your lighting is both functional and stylish.

When it comes to your choice of lighting, it is recommended that you choose the type that is simple, classy, and functional. Lights are vital to making your Palm Beach Garden luxury kitchen look like a million-dollar space. Hence, let your kitchen lighting speak ahead of you.

7. Work with a professional kitchen designer to bring your vision to life.

All the features of a high-end kitchen in Palm Beach Garden can be achieved with a top-notch designer trained to proffer the necessary kitchen design solutions. So, ensure you work closely with the right kitchen designer to bring your vision to life.


Get in Touch With the Right Designer Today! 

Let the designers at Premium Kitchens make your wish of getting your neighbors jealous of your kitchen come true. Our core services include kitchen and interior designs, providing us with the skills needed to redesign your kitchen space to match your style. So,  Contact us to schedule a visit, and let us design your premium kitchen in Palm Beach Garden in no time.

How To Turn Your Kitchen Into a High-End Luxury Space With Luxury Kitchen Design in Fort Lauderdale, Fl

luxury kitchen design in Fort Lauderdale Fl

Most people pay attention to kitchen spaces, mainly because it is the center of the house where cooking activities take place and where you can spend time with your family and entertain guests. So why not make it a luxury space you can enjoy? Remodeling to a more luxurious space using high-end luxury kitchen design in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, can help you beautify your space.

It is nice to change the raw build of your kitchen space into a more lively and beautiful one that can catch the attention of visitors or can make you feel more at home. In this article, we will highlight 5 helpful luxury kitchen design ideas in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, that can help your remodeling process.


1. Consider a U-Shaped kitchen design.

Designing the kitchen space to look more like a U-shaped design will create more space for cooking and storage. In other words, while cooking on one end, you can entertain and serve guests on the other end while still enjoying chats and talks in the same room.

A U-shaped kitchen design will give you more ideas on dividing your kitchen space into apartments that will make your kitchen more spacious, tidy, and clean.

2. Design built-in storage.

Another high-end kitchen design in Palm Beach Garden, Fl, is to have hidden storage spaces to keep the room neater and well-arranged when remodeling your kitchen. Including built-in storage designs like cupboards and drawers, where you can keep kitchen utensils and easily access them, will beautify your kitchen.

3. Let your lightning perform its tricks.

Your luxurious kitchen remodeling ideas aren’t complete without enough lightning. LED lights and Chandeliers can perform real tricks in your kitchen space more than you imagine. For example, it makes your kitchen more spacious, homely, and top-notch. Also, cooking with good lights is an excellent feature to look forward to. So, when redesigning your kitchen, do not forget to upgrade your lights.

4. Remember your kitchen sink.

When in the kitchen, the most used section is the sink. For instance, you need the sink to wash plates, pour water down the drain, and wash ingredients for cooking. Hence, you must pay special attention to this important part of your kitchen.

Many high-end kitchen design options in Palm Beach Gardens for sinks and tap systems will work well to fit the luxury.

5. Top it up with alternative luxury flooring.

Your flooring is the last and most important feature you should remodel in your kitchen. You can design with stylish floor tiles, engineered wood, or epoxy floors, something that matches your tastes and gives any visitor in your kitchen the high-end luxury kitchen design vibes.


Contact Premium Kitchens for Your Remodels!

Premium Kitchens is the best choice to contact for any luxury kitchen design in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, or its environs. With custom kitchen design ideas and 25 years of experience. You can be sure of perfect remodeling works and luxury.

Our clients trust our design team to create and remodel their kitchen space to meet their tastes and needs, and so can you! Contact us today to book an appointment with the design team.

What You Need to Know About Italian Style Kitchen and Mediterranean Style Kitchen

kitchen designers near me Broward County Fl

Kitchen design has evolved over the years to reflect culinary traditions and the latest trend. To make cooking space warm and inviting, many are looking to remodel their kitchens and are searching for kitchen designers in Broward County, Fl. Of the various kitchen remodel designs, Italian and Mediterranean are the most popular. While they’re similar, some features set them apart. We have created a list of distinguishing characteristics of each kitchen.


Italian Style Kitchen vs. Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Here are 6 features of both kitchens you should be aware of:

  1. Colors

Italian kitchen design uses warm colors like yellow, orange, and gold to mimic the sunsets of Tuscan. On the other hand, colors incorporated in the Mediterranean kitchen reflect the sun, sea, and sky. Vivid blues, green and earthy tones are colors incorporated into the design.

  1. Style

Italian kitchens feature a rustic, warm style, while the Mediterranean exudes Spanish, Moroccan, and French hints. Looking for style inspiration for your kitchen remodel? Visit a kitchen showroom near you.

  1. Flooring

Italian kitchens use natural materials like terra cotta, ceramic tiles, and stone for floors. Meanwhile, wood flooring in darker and lighter shades works for Mediterranean kitchens.

  1. Walls and Ceilings

Exposed wood beams, rough plaster walls, or brick accent walls are common in Italian kitchens. Furthermore, wall art in the form of stencils, framed prints, and hand-painted tiles evoke Italian scenery. On the other hand, stucco walls and Spanish roof tiles give the Mediterranean kitchen a signature look. Regarding ceilings, dark wooden surfaces are a staple of the Mediterranean kitchen.

  1. Furniture

The Italian kitchen has a rustic feel with natural wood finishes. Though this kitchen usually features dark wood furniture, you can opt for off-white depending on your home design. Furniture in the Mediterranean kitchen is a mix of Spanish, French, and Moroccan features. Contemporary kitchen cabinets in their natural state, whether stained or painted, complement this kitchen. Many Kitchen showrooms near you have a wide range of furniture types that you can choose from.

  1. Lighting

Natural lighting is an essential element in most kitchen designs. The Italian kitchen uses light translucent curtains or lighting fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lamps. Ensure the fixtures are antique. Massive ceiling chandeliers with wooden or metal frames and lamps shaped like candles reflect Italian country houses. Large wrought iron candle chandeliers, scones, and metallic pendants fit the Mediterranean kitchen. Kitchen designers near you in  Broward County, FL, can suggest matching light fixtures with your faucets and hardware.


Choosing Between the Two

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? If you’re torn between choosing an Italian or Mediterranean kitchen design, you should consider each kitchen’s features. Do you fancy antique elements and won’t mind contemporary designs in your kitchen? Then, a Mediterranean kitchen style won’t be a bad idea. But an Italian kitchen design will be a good choice if you love rustic finishing and enjoy a country feel.


Visit Premium Kitchens Showroom

Are you searching for kitchen design inspiration or a contemporary kitchen? Drop by our showroom and have a look at our different designs. We bet you’ll love them and have no difficulty making the right choice. No worries, Premium kitchens have the perfect kitchen design for you. Contact us so we can give you the inspiration you desire.

How to Achieve the Perfect Kitchen According to Premium Kitchens

Italian kitchen designers Boca Raton fl

Designing the perfect kitchen is no small feat. It’s a daunting and exciting job. You can look up Pinterest and other platforms for inspiration and ideas. Furthermore, you create mood boards and subscribe to magazines searching for a suitable design.

This can get a little stressful and overwhelming if you’re doing this all by yourself without help from a kitchen designer. Whatever your remodeling plans are, Italian kitchen designers in Boca Raton, FL, like Premium kitchens, can design your kitchen to your taste and within budget. Let’s get started!


6 Ways to Achieve a Perfect Kitchen Design

  1. List the elements you want

During kitchen remodeling, you’ll need to list the existing elements in your kitchen and the ones you want to add to your cooking space. Experts advise you to do this before hiring Italian kitchen designers in Boca Raton, FL.

  1. Kitchen layout is key

How do you use your kitchen? What works best with your kitchen shape? It’s important to answer these questions to get a clearer picture of the kitchen layout to choose from. Call kitchen designers in Lauderdale, FL, like Premium Kitchens, to help with your kitchen design.

  1. Light up

It’s easy to work and move around in an illuminated kitchen. This helps to reduce accidents to the barest minimum. Incorporate task, accent, and ambient lighting in your lighting scheme.

  1. Consider the island’s functions

What’s the use of a kitchen island? Think about its benefits before choosing a design. For example, if you want to cook and eat on the island, you’ll need to consider space in your decision-making.

  1. Cabinet finish matters

Choose cabinets and other accessories with a quality finish to achieve a perfect kitchen design. Don’t forget that the better the material quality, the long-lasting the cabinets will be. Also, choose the best color for your cabinetry. This is usually the first thing anyone notices about your kitchen design. Looking for a color choice for Italian kitchen cabinets in fort Lauderdale fl? Consider white, cream, pale gray, and off-white.

  1. Load up on appliances

If you have a large family or cook all kinds of meals, you should consider loading up appliances. A mini refrigerator, microwave oven, and refrigerator drawer make cooking and storage an easy breeze. You might want to add them to your workspace. Also, a snack bar with stools won’t be bad for your kids.


Let Premium Kitchens Build Your Dream Kitchen

In order to create the perfect kitchen, it is important to understand what this means for you. Different features will be most important to you depending on your lifestyle and needs. Premium Kitchens can help you design the perfect kitchen for your home based on your specific requirements. We can make it happen if you need lots of storage, a large work area, or a specific layout. With our years of experience in the industry, we know how to create a functional and beautiful kitchen that will meet all your needs.

Our Boca Raton homes are known for quality craftsmanship and exquisite interior and kitchen design. Our Italian kitchen designers in Boca Raton, FL, bring your dream kitchen to life. To design the best kitchen that meets your preference, we use imported Italian products and 3D renderings. Do you have a kitchen design in mind? Let’s help you actualize your dream today. Visit our showroom for kitchen design inspiration.

Declutter your Kitchen by adding an Appliance Garage in Florida

kitchen appliance garage design in Palm Beach County Florida

Decluttering your Kitchen with an appliance garage in Palm Beach County FL can be daunting as there’s a lot involved, from arranging your pantry to creating space to work with. To ease the stress, you might want to organize your Kitchen using an appliance garage.

If you need help organizing your Kitchen or a kitchen appliance garage design in Palm Beach County FL, Premium Kitchens are your best bet! Are you having second thoughts about installing an appliance garage? Here’s all you need to know about appliance garages and reasons to add one to your kitchen decor.


Why Declutter Your Kitchen with an Appliance Garage in Palm Beach County  FL?

Hiding your kitchen appliances behind closed doors reduces clutter, giving your cooking space a clean and organized look. You can install an appliance garage as free-standing, on the countertop, or within cabinets. The following are reasons to add an appliance garage in your Kitchen.

More space to work: While storage systems seem great, having dedicated space for specific appliances is far better. Storing these appliances in an appliance garage offers additional space for food preparation. This contributes to the neat look of your cooking area, as you won’t have piles of dirty dishes and cooking items in the same place.

Easy to locate your essentials: With kitchen items stored in the appliance garage, you won’t have to rummage through cabinets or search the pantry. You can easily reach for what you need in the garage.

Improve your kitchen aesthetics: Besides providing space for small appliances, an appliance garage adds to your kitchen aesthetics, giving it a polished look. Depending on your preference, you can personalize your Kitchen with different designs of appliance garage, whether rustic, modern, or classic. In need of kitchen appliance garage design in Palm Beach County Florida? Premium Kitchens are ready to help you. Whether you need one with a garage-style door, lifting door, or roll-up design, there’s something for everyone.

Prevents damage: Storing kitchen items in an appliance garage reduces damage to the barest minimum. You won’t have to worry about liquid spilling on them when cooking or falling off the countertop. In addition, this prolongs the shelf life of the items, giving them a new look.


Contact Us

Premium Kitchens is your one-stop shop for your kitchen remodeling needs. Whether you want a kitchen appliance garage design in Palm Beach County  Florida or need to give your Kitchen a facelift, we can help you tailor your kitchen design to your taste. Our craftsmanship, customer service, and many years of experience attest that we’re one of the best in the region. Need help with bringing your dream kitchen to life? Contact us today; we’re just a call away.


The Best Place to Put a Wet-Rated Kitchen Ceiling Fan in Boca Raton

Wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan design FL

A wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan design is a great way to add ventilation and cooling to your kitchen during the hot summer. This type of fan utilizes a water-resistant motor and blades that can handle moisture, making it the perfect choice for a kitchen with high ceilings or a wet area.

However, the design of your kitchen is important, so finding the right place to put a wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan can be difficult since it has to deal with moisture constantly. If you are wondering where to place a fan in your home, look no further. This article will tell you everything you need to know.


What Is a Wet-Rated Kitchen Ceiling Fan?

A wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan is perfect for people with a high water pressure system in their home kitchen. These fans are specifically made to work with high water pressure systems and can help circulate the air around your kitchen quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the airflow in your kitchen, a wet-rated ceiling fan may be the answer. These fans have special blades that allow them to circulate air quickly and efficiently. They also come with special guards that help protect your ceilings from water damage.

If you want a wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan design, consult an interior kitchen decorator near you. These fans can be expensive, and it’s important to find one that will work well with your home’s environment.


Where to Place a Wet-Rated Kitchen Ceiling Fan

When choosing where to place your wet-rated ceiling fan design, think about your kitchen layout. Some models are designed to hang from the roof or beams, while others may be more compact and fit better on a wall. You also want to consider the size of your fan and the height of your ceilings.

If you’re unsure where to start, it is important to consider consulting a professional interior kitchen decorator near you. Regardless of where you decide to put your wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan, you will require help to make sure it is installed properly. A poorly installed fan can cause serious damage not only to your ceilings but also to your home’s structural integrity.


Benefits of Having a Wet-Rated Kitchen Ceiling Fan Design in Boca Raton FL

When you install a wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan in your kitchen, there are many benefits:

  •     A properly installed wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan can help to improve air circulation and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.
  •     A properly installed wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan can also help to reduce the heat output from your ovens and cooktops. This is especially important if you have children or pets in your home, as they are more likely to be affected by high temperatures.

In addition to these benefits, a wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan can also help increase your home’s comfort level. You can eliminate uncomfortable smells or humidity by improving air circulation and reducing the temperature in your kitchen.


Interior Kitchen Decorator near You

Installing a wet-rated kitchen ceiling fan in your kitchen will not only add style and functionality to your kitchen but can also help reduce the risk of electrical shock. At Premium Kitchens, we offer kitchen design and remodeling services. Contact us today to get started with all your kitchen design needs.

Why The Heart Of Your Home Is the Kitchen

family-friendly kitchen design

The kitchen is often a gathering point for family and friends. If you have noticed this trait, you probably threw it into the wonders list of the world. But not so fast!

Unlike before, the kitchen is now more than a place for cooking and preparing meals; it is the focal point of any home. This is especially true for a family-friendly kitchen design and an elegant kitchen design.

They wear more than one hat, including an entertainment hub, a hangout spot with friends, a working from home space, and so much more.

The kitchen certainly carries a charm that works on just about anyone and Premium Kitchen fully understands that. So, what does the kitchen have on all of us?


A Family-Friendly Kitchen Design Is A Magnet

·      Everyone can’t just keep off the kitchen!

Dad loves his home office, and no one gets into the laundry room like mum. On the other hand, the kids love to interact with their playroom. But everyone uses the kitchen every day. As a result, families are shifting their attention towards kitchens that support a congregating environment. For instance, parents can now prepare dinner as they supervise their kids’ homework or use their computers to examine their to-do lists. This new trend makes an ideal kitchen space welcoming and conducive for the family to join in.

·      Great for the mind, body, and soul

We all depend on food for survival. It nourishes our minds, bodies, and souls. Since the beginning of time, kitchens have always been places for storing and preparing food. These, in turn, provide the nutrients our bodies need for healthy living. Great kitchens also offer ample space and the inspiration to create healthy and delicious meals for the family.

·      The fun comes with an elegant kitchen design

Did you know that an excellent kitchen design provides fun opportunities? Some kitchens offer additional space for family activities. Simply cooking with your family is a great way to bond. It gets interesting when one can create new things and learn new recipes with your loved ones around you.

·      Every home is incomplete without a kitchen

You can compromise any other home feature but the bathroom and the venue that generates delicious meals. By designing a functional and modern kitchen, you and your loved ones can have quality time, easy clean-ups, and vast space for entertainment and chatting.

·      You can explore your creativity only in the kitchen

While kitchen renovations and purchasing all new kitchen appliances can be costly, people still invest in reselling their property. It adds significant value to any home and can be a unique selling point.

This crucial room sets the tone for an entire house since they go beyond meal preparation to offering a whole experience. It’s so powerful that it can make the difference between a great and mediocre day. If an entire kitchen renovation is not feasible, worry not. The minor upgrades here and there can transform the space. For instance, you can change the countertops or cabinets to set a new mood in the room.

Spaces with a family-friendly kitchen design or elegant kitchen design are trending. They make the kitchen the heart of the home by making it easier to prepare meals with improved functionality, creating a place for fun and entertainment, and enhancing the look and feel of the room. It is crucial to involve highly skilled designers and installers for the best results, get in touch with us.

Dream Kitchens: Making Your Culinary Fantasies a Reality

best kitchen designers in Boca Raton Fl

What makes your kitchen a reality? Every one of us has a dream kitchen in mind. You dream of the best kitchen cabinets, floorspace, and countertops. A functional kitchen is an ideal place for you to spend time with family and friends. It should be a place where people can relax, enjoy themselves, and feel comfortable. It should be spacious, have a good location, and maintenance free. If you’re looking for the best kitchen designers in Boca Raton FL, then Premiums Kitchens has got you covered. They are committed to creating such a spacious and functional kitchen for their clients.

Consider the following to have your dream kitchen:

1.    The Colors and Style of Your Dream Kitchen

Are you thinking of making your dream kitchen a reality? If you want kitchen remodeling showrooms near me, then Premium Kitchen helps you. They will make your dream kitchen come true.

The most important factor is what color scheme and style you will use in your kitchen. You will need to decide whether you want a traditional style or a contemporary style for your kitchen. If you want something traditional, then you can paint the walls and ceiling a neutral color such as gray, white, or beige. You could also use dark wood floors which would give the room a more natural feel than tile floors which tend to look more modern.

If you would like something more modern in style then it might be best to go with tiles on the floor and walls instead of wood floors because they look more contemporary than dark wood floors do. They also look cleaner than wood floors because they don’t get dirty very easily when wet with water spills etc.

You can find inspiration photos for your dream kitchen by searching online or taking inspiration from other kitchens in the area. Searching online will provide you with lots of options if you need help deciding on a color scheme.

2.    Your Golden Triangle

The golden triangle is the perfect place to start when you’re making your dream kitchen. You need to consider only three things: space; how much room will you have in your fridge and on your counter, a sink, and a stove.

Think about how much storage space you’ll need for food, pots and pans, utensils, and other kitchen items. You can also think about how much countertop space you’ll need for chopping boards and other tools. Then think about how much room there is between the stovetop and the sink. If there isn’t enough room for all of these things in your kitchen, then maybe it’s time to console the best kitchen designers in Boca Raton, FL for more information.

3.    A Floor Plan You’ll Adore

But before you start dreaming of the perfect space, take a moment to consider what you envision for your kitchen floor plan. If you’re looking for a spacious kitchen, consider how much space you want to dedicate to cooking and dining. The size of your dining table can be important; it may be larger than necessary if you’re only hosting small gatherings, but it could make more sense if it’s large enough for large groups or special occasions.

4.    Custom Cabinetry and Built-In Features

Making your dream kitchen happen is a big step. You have to consider every aspect of it and make sure that you get the right cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Custom cabinetry allows you to hand-craft every aspect of your new kitchen, so you can be sure that it’s wheelchair friendly and meets all of your specifications.

5.    Countertops

Your dream kitchen can be more than just a space that cooks your food and entertains family members. It can be a place where you spend time with friends and family, a place to work, or even a meditation space. No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, it needs to be functional and beautiful.

One of the most important elements of any kitchen is the countertops. Countertops are often overlooked because they aren’t visible to guests visiting the room. However, they are an important part of creating a fun space for family gatherings or entertaining guests at home. If you choose granite, marble, or quartz countertops for your dream kitchen, it will help make your space stand out from others.

Premium Kitchen is one of the best kitchen designers in Boca Raton in FL, get your dream kitchen today.

Making A Family-Friendly Kitchen For Your Home

premium family-friendly kitchen design in FL

A family-friendly kitchen should be comfortable and functional. It should also be aesthetically pleasing, with a look that makes you want to spend time there. The best way to ensure your family will enjoy the space is to make sure it’s spacious, airy, and aesthetically pleasing. This means that any cabinets should be large enough to accommodate multiple people at once.  If you need a premium family-friendly kitchen design in FL, then consider hiring Premium Kitchen. They have professional knowledge in designing kitchens.

You should consider the following if you want a family-friendly kitchen:

1.    Sitting Area In The Kitchen is Everything

Having a family-friendly kitchen is important for your family’s well-being. The more comfortable your kitchen is, the more likely you are to spend time in it and the happier your family will be. You don’t want your kids sitting on the floor or on top of each other, but you also don’t want a space that’s too small for them either. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone including extra chairs.

2.    Having a Menu Never Hurts

If you need to have a family-friendly kitchen, then add a menu board. It is a nice idea to display a large menu in the kitchen where every member can look ahead. This will help them choose their favorite dishes and they will surely enjoy the food as well. Menu boards are very helpful in getting your family members familiar with your menu.

3. Child-Proofing  When Necessary

Install high shelves that children cannot reach.  If you have any shelves with a height of over 6 feet, consider replacing them with higher ones—or at least adding a step stool. This will increase the amount of space between your children and the items they might be tempted to reach out for.

Also,  Install closed cabinetry to keep dangerous items away from children.  If any items in your cabinet or pantry could hurt children, put them on a higher shelf so they are out of reach or remove them entirely.

4.    Choose Easy to Clean Building Materials

Your kitchen should be a place where you and your family can enjoy cooking together, creating new recipes, and sharing them with others. To make this happen, you need an interior decorator in Fort Lauderdale to design a kitchen for you that is easy to clean and simple to use. Quartz countertops are perfect décor as well as easy to clean. They are also less expensive than granite or other types of stone countertops.

5.    Storage

If you want a family-friendly kitchen, you need to manage it well. There are many ways that you can accomplish this goal. The first way is to install floating shelves on the wall. This will allow you to store all of your food products and cooking utensils in one place and keep them organized.

Another way is to purchase a built-in microwave. The microwave will allow you to cook or reheat food quickly and efficiently without having to leave the kitchen. Also, you should purchase a magnetic knife rack so that all of your knives can be hung on display so that they’re easy for people to access when they need them.

The most important thing in a kitchen is its functionality. If you need a premium family-friendly kitchen design in FL, then Premium Kitchen in Lauderdale will help you.

Get your family-friendly design today from Premium Kitchens in FL.