Beach House Remodel: Great Remodeling Ideas For Your Beach House!

beach house remodel

Did you know that you can actually do a  beach house remodel without emptying your bank account?

Shocking? Well, it can be done. The first step is to come up with beach house remodel ideas and then reach out to a trustworthy company to help you make your beach house dream a reality.

At Premium kitchen Contemporary Interior Design, we are well-known and trustworthy when it comes to interior design and remodels.


Beach House Remodel Ideas

Start By Getting A Good Architect

It is advisable to get a good architect who understands your coastal area since each beach has different seasons of rain, fog, and high humidity levels.

You must account for the mentioned variables to get a perfect beach cottage remodel, so expert opinion is crucial before you put up a beach house remodel that will be resilient to extreme weather patterns.


Use High-Quality Material

The materials you are using to build your cottage remodel must be of the best quality for your beach house remodel to withstand wear and tear from salt, sun, and wind. For a long-lasting choice, you can use naturally limed stuccoed masonry.


Get  A Good Ventilation System

When creating your ultimate list of beach house remodel ideas, you should have good ventilation in mind. This will usher in a sea breeze that will keep your beach house cool.

It will also reduce utility bills and let in the fresh air. You can also install a sound installation during your beach house kitchen remodel to give your kitchen a fantastic atmosphere from the sea.


Look For Ideal Railings 

You can get creative when choosing an ideal railing for a beach house remodel, but there are factors to consider like the material type: glass, wood, or stainless steel, its weight, but above all, you should consider safety.

Choosing an ideal railing can be tricky since you look for style and quality that does not compromise your security.


Upgrading Your Kitchen Countertop

A beach house kitchen remodel should start with upgrading your countertops to something stylish that will give your kitchen a new look.

When choosing an upgrade, go for something durable like kitchen soapstone or black granite countertop.

When these countertops are in the beach house kitchen remodel, it will give it a classic look to complement the light in your cabinets.



The flooring can be a bit expensive, but it will increase your house value. The flooring will set the interior design of your entire house. Hardwood flooring has been the ideal choice because of its quality.

You can choose from painted wood, limed oak flooring, or stained cement.


Creating A Haven Out Of Your Beach House Remodel

Contact Pemium kitchen Contemporary Interior Design for the best beach house remodel designs.


Top 20 Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash Patterns

backsplash patterns

After remodeling your kitchen, choosing the backsplash patterns is never easy. The first thing you have to consider is your budget, easy-to-clean materials, and kitchen size. You don’t have to do away with kitchen backsplash trends; you can get perfect kitchen backsplash materials with effort and patience.

The best kitchen backsplash patterns will give your kitchen an exciting look; most kitchen walls need backsplash because of stains like splashes of oil or water that splash when cooking. The splash damages your wall; you need kitchen backsplash patterns to protect your wall.

At Premium kitchens Contemporary Interior Design, we will offer you any kitchen interior design that you ever dreamt of having.


The Top 20 Best Kitchen Backsplash Patterns To Choose From

Glossy Tiles

Choosing glossy tile as one of your kitchen backsplash materials can turn out to be quite positive since it is easy to clean and give your kitchen a better illusion. Glossy tiles are fancy, and you can use them in myriad colors.


Solid walls make the kitchen look boring; you can use a window as your kitchen backsplash patterns to allow natural light, and you can get them installed from your countertop up to the ceiling.

Neutral Patterns 

Patterned kitchen backsplash tiles can be beautiful and they add a sleek modern look when you add neutral pattern tiles. It makes your kitchen look warmer; for example, if you make shades of brown color and cream, it will add a rustic look to your kitchen

High Ceilings

Create a beautiful high room illusion by running kitchen tiles up to the ceiling instead of installing backsplash patterns. It will give your kitchen dramatic essence, which can be used for formal and informal looks.

Use Triangles 

Triangles are beautiful and can add color to your kitchen backsplash trends. Triangle patterns are perfect for adding a contemporary look to your kitchen.


Vertical Wood

If you are looking for an elongation element in your kitchen, use vertical wood. It blends perfectly with your wooden countertops, especially if they are of the same color. Vertical wood is one of the best kitchen backsplash trends to add warmth to your kitchen.


Matching Kitchen Island

Suppose you have an island kitchen; you better choose backsplash patterns that will complement its look. Be creative and use matching backsplash tiles, countertops, and floor for your kitchen island to give it a cohesive look.


Painted Glass

Glass tiles add a touch of class to your kitchen backsplash trends, try out mosaic tiles, modern glass tiles, or painted glass tiles to give your kitchen a modern fancy look.


Use shiny stainless steel 

Shiny Stainless steel can be a perfect kitchen backsplash material because it can maintain the kitchen’s overall sheen.


Matte Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a perfect kitchen backsplash materials for finishing, pick a stainless matte finish to add the dull but fancy look to your kitchen since it reflects the light giving out a soft atmosphere


Abstracts Pattern 

Nothing could bring out an elegant look like abstract patterns; using them as your backsplash pattern makes your kitchen look excellent. For example, try the honeycomb tiles and enjoy the relaxed look.


Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are one of the kitchen backsplash trends with an excellent outcome. They will give your kitchen a playful finish, and to make it more interesting; you can hang your wine glasses on the golden shelves.


Multicolor Geometric Prints

You can use different colors on your geometric prints to get unique backsplash patterns. Use different sizes and shapes to make it more dramatic.


Tiles And Marbles

Using a combination of tiles and marbles as your kitchen backsplash materials creates an exciting contrast in your kitchen and is cheaper than using stone on the entire wall.


Chevron Patterns 

If you use chevron as backsplash patterns, ‌create an exciting backsplash with a lot of structure. Chevron tiles are easy to fix in unfamiliar patterns when making them convenient.


Brick Backsplash

This is for the rustic look lovers, which is warm. Since actual brick is hard to clean, you can use artificial brick for your wall. To achieve kitchen backsplash trends, use brick backsplash for your wood floor.


Mirrored Wall

You can substitute glass tiles with mirrored tiles to give your kitchen a larger illusion and reflect the natural light.


Make Use Of Corresponding Colors

Using corresponding colors will make your kitchen look warm and cool altogether. Making the backsplash patterns with colors could give your kitchen a distinct look at a friendly price.


Bright Walls 

Adding color to your kitchen walls makes it look inviting. You can use colors such as wallpaper, patterned walls, paint, or stencil.


Half Way Tile And Color

When you use color and tiles, the results are spectacular backsplash patterns. You can get creative and use a combination of colors to bring a differentiation to the backsplash walls.


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The Importance Of Furniture Placement In Your Home Remodel

kitchen remodeling boca raton fl

Furniture placement is crucial to the function and comfort of a space. Through virtual furniture placement, you can learn how to arrange furniture in dining areas, living rooms, and bedrooms. Whether your house has small or big rooms, your furniture placement style will help in making them more enjoyable.

Consider checking out layout tricks for bedroom furniture placement or sofa placement. Understanding furniture placement methods and style are helpful in navigating how spaces should be used. If you are interested in remodeling your home feel free to contact Premium Kitchens.

Premium Kitchens is among the leading high-end renovation companies in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, and Boca Raton. Call us to book a free consultation appointment with designer experts.


Here Are Some Reasons Why Furniture Placement Is Important

Furniture Defines Function

What are the furnishings needed to design a living room? What about a bedroom? Furniture in any room is used as context clues. Furniture placement will provide information about the purpose of the space.

Before you pick up furniture for a design project you should at least have an idea of what the room is intended for. The purpose of a room will help in dictating the necessary furnishings. For example, a room that needs to entertain many guests needs to have plenty of seating spaces.

On the other hand, a reflective space will need a working desk and chair that will help complete important tasks. Furniture placement also makes a great focal point. Therefore the purpose is to arrange your decor items and furniture in a way that draws the eye to the same point.


Furniture Placement Balances Visual Weight

The visual weight helps in balancing a room. If you have several big and heavy components it is important to ensure that they are all evenly spread out in space. This helps to ensure that one side is not more weighted down than the opposite side.

During furniture placement, sofa placement, or bedroom furniture placement ensure you group large items with smaller ones. This will help in varying your points of visual interest. Use your eyes to ensure that a space is well balanced.

After furnishing a room, take a step back to analyze whether the room is balanced out. If one side is more weighted you should adjust the space accordingly.


Furniture Placement Dictates Flow Of Movement

Aside from defining a function, furniture placement helps to dictate how you will move through a space. If you have tried to shimmy your way out of a tight sofa placement style you will know the importance of leaving a breathing room.

To ensure you leave enough space during sofa placement or bedroom placement here are rules to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your space has a minimum number of pathways-two should be fine. Movement should be around furniture and not through them.
  • During the sofa, placement ensure that there is enough room between seats and tables. Furniture should be pushed away from your walls-apply the 3 in one rule.
  • To facilitate conversations arrange your seats in clustered groupings.
  • Lastly, a large room should be broken down into multiple groups.

If you are a visual learner you can try using the virtual furniture placement app. Such apps will allow you to test out multiple arrangement styles. You will be able to see how furniture will look in your space for free.


It Shows Personality

Lastly, furniture placement in space helps to express your sense of style. During furnishing, you can choose between an eclectic design or the simple Scandinavian interior design. Note that your home’s furniture placement style will speak volumes about your personality.

Have you read about the psychological effects of furniture placement in interior design? If yes you are aware that choices like your sofa placement style influence other people’s perceptions of you. Other factors include the number of seating spaces available to guests or the level of comfort they offer.

You should therefore furnish your room with utmost care. Virtual furniture placement apps can help you in identifying a style that can work for your home. Avoid copying too much you can emulate but create unique styles.


Contact Premium Kitchens

Premium Kitchens is among the leading high-end renovation companies in Palm Beach and Broward. Do not let our brand name steer you in the wrong direction because our expertise extends far beyond kitchens. Our services include kitchen design, bathroom, and laundry design, bar and tv media design, technical service, and project management.

We are glad that you are now fully aware of the importance of furniture placement in a home remodel. Premium Kitchens will help you find the perfect details for your brand-new home.

We are one of the most sought-after “renovation designers near me” throughout the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens area. This is because of our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We take the time to design and renovate spaces that are truly a reflection of you. Call now for a quote.

Laundry Room Remodel: What Modern Features Should I Include?

kitchen remodeling boca raton fl

A laundry room remodel will help in maximizing space and functionality. If 10-15 years have passed since your last laundry room remodeling it is time to modernize it. Also if your laundry room is not properly finished you should consider contracting designer experts for your laundry room renovation.

Good laundry room remodel ideas will help in making your laundry experience more easier and efficient. Therefore feel free to contact us to access world-class and masterful craftsmanship. Premium Kitchens is among the leading high-end renovation companies in Palm Beach and Broward.

Do not let our brand name steer you in the wrong direction because our expertise extends far beyond kitchens. Our experts have helped in remodeling laundry spaces of all kinds using their strategic and innovative interior design skills. So if you need help adding modern features to your laundry room renovation contact us.


Here Are Modern Elements That Will Be Useful In Your Big Or Small Laundry Room Remodel:

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is a modern feature to consider in your laundry room remodel. For your laundry room remodeling consider installing high-quality custom Cabinetry. A custom Cabinetry provided adequate storage space without diminishing the aesthetic standards of a laundry room.

For installation consider getting an expert team of interior designers for in-house finely crafted custom cabinetry. This laundry room addition will help in storing and organizing your laundry supplies and extra belongings. You can also go for an open shelf for storing items that need to be accessed easily.

Contact Premium Kitchens for exemplary custom cabinet designs.


Adequate Counter Space

Also for your laundry room renovation consider adding extra countertops. When you have plenty of counter space your laundry tasks become a lot easier. You will have enough surfaces for placing laundry supplies during cleaning.

It is also useful for sorting or folding your clothes after getting them out of the dryer. You can contact Premium Kitchens for expert designers that will help to install countertops for your laundry room remodel.


Pull Outs And Other Accessories

Additionally for your small laundry room remodel you should add pull Outs and laundry room accessories. Drawers and pull-out racks can be used for different purposes and they will also help with space-saving.

Aside from pull-out racks, you can consider installing hanging rods or adjustable valet rods for extra storage options. Contact us and we will help you in installing deep drawers for holding spray bottles or your cleaning supplies.


A Fine Laundry Sink

A fine laundry sink is another modern feature to consider in your laundry room remodel. For your laundry room addition consider purchasing a stainless steel laundry sink. You can also complement it with a matching stylish faucet.

This purchase will help in improving the appearance of your laundry room. Call us as our experts will help you in identifying a laundry sink and a matching faucet that will suit your taste.


Waterproof Flooring

During your laundry room renovation, you will have to consider the laundry room floor. Laundry room floors are always exposed to moisture therefore you should consider installing vinyl or ceramic flooring. There is also the option of installing a floor type that is known as interlocking PVC flooring tiles.

All these flooring options are waterproof, durable, and easy to install. If you are considering changing your floors contact our skilled interior designers today.


Add Built-in Laundry Hampers

Built-in laundry hampers are a smart laundry room remodel idea. These hampers will create space for keeping dirty clothes organized. If you already have hampers you can still add a few more.

Laundry hampers have a removable feature that makes it easier to transport dirty clothes from your room to the laundry area. For built-in laundry hampers, and installation, contact Premium Kitchens today.


Upgrade Lighting

Lighting is the last feature to include in your laundry room remodel. Improving the lighting of your laundry area is an easy and cost-effective method to brighten the room.

If you have outdated light fixtures consider replacing them with new and trendy ones. You can purchase a modern fixture in brushed gold or bronze. You can also get recessed lighting to help in your laundry room renovation.

With improved lighting, the atmosphere of your laundry room will change and you will enjoy your laundry days. If your laundry room is located in your dark basement and you don’t know how to improve your lighting just reach out to our team.


Why Choose Premium Kitchens For Your Laundry Room Renovation?

Because we are the best! At Premium Kitchens we will help you find the perfect features to add to your laundry room remodel.

We are one of the most sought-after “Laundry room designers near me” throughout the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens area. This is because of our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

We are glad that you are now fully aware of the features to include in your laundry room renovation. We take the time to design a bathroom that is truly a reflection of you. We have over 25 years of experience using luxurious and high-quality products imported from Italy to renovate beautiful spaces.


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The Ultimate Guide For Bedroom Interior Design

kitchen remodeling boca raton fl

If you are designing your bedroom you will need help especially if it is your first bedroom interior design project. Designing a room is not an easy task as you will need to come up with bedroom interior design ideas that will satisfy your taste. A bedroom needs to have a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

For the best bedroom design features let the Premium Kitchens designer experts take over your bedroom interior design project. We have experienced interior designers in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach Gardens that will make the most of your bedroom space. You are free to visit our showroom and see our remarkable bedroom interior design ideas for yourself!


Top Five Bedroom Interior Design Features To Consider When Designing

Here are some features to consider when doing your bedroom interior design:


A Pop Of Color

Number one on the list of bedroom interior design features is color. If you want to completely change the look of your bedroom, paint the new walls color. Color is among the important bedroom design features but it is often overlooked.

Most people always pick a pale or light color to paint their bedroom walls. A light blue is a good option for your bedroom walls as it can help in inducing sleep. You can also paint your bedroom using bold or dark colors like royal blue or red.

However such colors are limited to well-lit rooms as they can depressingly weigh your room. Also if you are not that daring stick to whites and blues. These two colors offer more flexibility if you want to play around with decor.

Let our expert team of interior designers help you in figuring out the best color for your bedroom. We have fantastic bedroom interior design ideas just for you. Contact us today!


Lots of Light

Light is a super important consideration for your bedroom design features. In your master bedroom to avoid blocking light, a bed should not be placed in front of a window. Beds need to be adjacent or opposite windows. If your room is not properly illuminated you should purchase a ceiling light.

Table lamps can also be placed in a dresser or nightstand to improve the lighting in a room. So a bedroom interior design project should include bedroom light considerations. Sources of light in a bedroom include table lamps, curtains for windows, and ceiling lighting.


A Great Bed

A great bed is one of the most important features of a bedroom interior design project. You can find a great bed when looking for bedroom interior design ideas.

However, only purchase a bed after you have settled on the wall color for your room. Your bed has to work in conjunction with your bedroom’s color.

After coming up with a bedroom theme you can now begin to scout for a bed that aligns with your vision. Some bed necessities you will have to buy include a mattress, bed, bed frame, pillows, and lines. When choosing your bed frame go for one that will add charm and character to your room.

Avoid making rash decisions as a bed is an investment that needs to last you a long time. Before you begin your bedroom interior design project research the best mattress and beds to avoid impulse purchases. Contact Premium Kitchen today for assistance in your bedroom interior design project.


Interior Decor

Decor should also be a primary feature in your bedroom interior design project. This is the fun part of a bedroom interior design. Your bedroom decorations should reflect your taste and personal style. You can choose between a group of colors or a specific decor theme.

So, are you thinking about decorating your master bedroom? A master bedroom is of course the main bedroom in a home. Therefore it is important to go for fantastic master bedroom interior designs. Here are a few decorative bedroom design features:

  • A rug: will make your room feel cozy and it also helps in absorbing sound.
  • A mirror: include a large mirror in your room
  • Candles: they help in creating a cozy and relaxing room atmosphere
  • Books: these can be stacked on the nightstand
  • Unique artwork: get beautiful art to highlight your interest or hobbies.

Closet & Extra Storage

Lastly, we have a closet and extra storage as part of the bedroom interior design features. It is important to plan how you will use the closet space in your room. You will need to buy hangers( velvet hangers) to help in storing clothing.

Also, consider setting up hanging shelves and a shoe rack at the bottom of your closet. If the closet does not provide adequate clothing storage space consider getting a nightstand, dresser, or armoire.


Contact Premium Kitchens For Your Bedroom Interior Design

We are among the leading high-end renovation companies in Palm Beach and Broward. If you have been looking for a master of interior design you have come to the right place. We at Premium Kitchens have artful interior designers that focus not only on details of style but also on utility, making the space one that works for you.

Our skillful bedroom design features, formidable execution, and continuous communication reveal the passion and dedication of the interior design team. For your bedroom, interior design projects expect services like Concept design, Space planning, Pre-shopping/shopping, Professional presentation, Project management, and more.

We will consider every intricate detail of aesthetics and functionality to ensure that bedroom design perfectly suits you. Check out samples of our bedroom interior design ideas at our Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens showrooms! Call Now!

Top Ten Important Interior Design Questions For Your Designer!

: Top Ten Important Interior Design Questions For Your Designer!

The process of looking for a good interior designer will require you to look up the top interior designer questions. Also before hiring an interior designer try searching for interior design ideas on social media or you can browse interior design mags.

You can also search online “how to find a good interior designer” and there will be a variety of options available to you. However, we advise that you contact Premium Kitchens to find an interior designer that will match your needs.


Ten Interior Designer Questions You Should Ask:

What Design Services Do You Offer?

Different interior designers can offer varying service packages. This question should be on your list of top interior designer questions. As a client, it is important to know the services available to you.

You will need to ensure that they specialize in services that your project needs. Some services to expect from an interior design firm include

  • design concepts,
  • design consultation,
  • space planning,
  • project management,
  • interior styling,
  • site assessment and measurement, procurement
  • and handyman works.

You can find an interior designer of your choice at Premium Kitchens. Call Us!


Can I See Your Portfolio?

If you have not been able to stalk the designer’s website or social media platforms you can request them to share a few of their projects. A portfolio is useful in highlighting a designer’s experience.

It also offers a practical and functional representation of their work. Through a portfolio, a designer can easily explain their ideas and creative solutions for designing and creating.


Can You Work With My Budget?

When hiring an interior designer don’t forget to include budgeting questions in your conversation. This helps to avoid awkward situations where a designer discovers that the budget is either too small or too big after they have started working. To get a baseline of the cost of your project ensure you interview different designers.

At Premium Kitchen we have a questionnaire that will answer this question before the one-on-one interview. If your budget is too small for a designer they can choose to work around it or they could suggest you contact a different designer. Therefore it is important to be open-minded during the conversation.


How Do You Charge?

The cost of a designer will vary depending on their level of expertise and experience. For instance, senior designers have different rates from assistant designers. Most designers usually charge around $75-$200 per hour.

So your budget should include the cost of the designer or design team that will manage your project. Also when hiring an interior designer seek clear information on the available installation payments or increments.

Also, don’t worry if your budget is limited. You can still find a designer who will make your home or project look amazing.


What Uncontrollable Hiccups Or Bumps Could We Face Along The Road?

This question helps in capturing everyone’s expectations from the word go. Remember all projects are different hence each project will have its unforeseen problems. It might not be the designer’s fault but it is their responsibility to come up with creative solutions.

Getting to know about the sticky situations will help you to come up with educated decisions. For example, if a designer gives an unpleasant answer you can easily let them go. However, it is better to stay open-minded since every project will have its risks.


Are Clients Involved In The Project Or Do You Prefer Them To Be Hands Off?

Some designers consult their clients every step of the project whereas some prefer having full creative control. Therefore when hiring an interior designer ask this question to know what to expect. As a client, you already know how you like to work if you prefer to be involved- share this information with your designer. If they cannot compromise on this, continue looking for your preferred designer.


Do You Have A Signature Design Style?

This question will help you to know the designer’s best way. Do they match what you are looking for? The different styles available include traditional, eclectic, contemporary, serene, or romantic.

Most designers however cannot be tied down to one design style but some are known for one style. Hence, hire an interior designer you are comfortable with. Keep interviewing different designers until you find your ideal designer.


What Is Your Biggest Challenge When It Comes To Designing A Home?

When hiring an interior designer don’t forget this question. This is such a tough question but it needs to be asked. It is important to know a designer’s strengths and weaknesses before you sign a contract.

The response given will help you in assessing whether the designer is a good fit for your style, budget, scope, or time. To set expectations and avoid communication snags this question should be on your list of interior designer questions.


How Do You Decide Which Project Is A Good Fit For You Or Your Firm?

This is simply asking them why they think your project is right for them. You will learn a few things from how a designer will evaluate your project. Are their priorities aligned with yours?

If they have a good personality fit don’t hesitate to hire them. Remember a project may last for months or years you therefore need to ensure that the partnership will be respectful and enjoyable for both of you.


How Long Will The Project Take?

Lastly, this is a very important question and it needs to be on your list of interior designer questions. As a client, you probably have a time frame in mind, however, an experienced designer should give you the correct and honest time.

To prevent future tensions from arising, both of you should set a clear time frame before the process begins. For a full house renovation, you might need to vacate your premises for a while. If it’s just a styling project you will need to set a schedule for work, kid routines, and other things.


Premium Kitchens, Inc.

We are among the leading high-end renovation companies in Palm Beach and Broward. If you have been looking for a master of interior design you have come to the right place.

At Premium Kitchens, Inc., we have artful interior designers that focus not only on details of style but also on utility, making the space one that works for you.

We’re glad that you are now aware of the top interior designer questions to hire a good designer. For your home’s interior design project expects services like

  • concept design,
  • space planning,
  • pre-shopping/shopping,
  • professional presentation,
  • project management, and more.

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Check out samples of our interior design ideas at our Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens showrooms! Call now to get answers to your interior designer questions!

What Qualities Make For A Great Interior Designer?

What Qualities Make For A Great Interior Designer?

Interior design is an art that speaks to individuals differently. Your choice is specific, and even interior designers may not connect to your ideas easily. Connecting to your rough ideas is one of the qualities that separate functional interior designers from a professional. Some of the qualities below are determining factors to identify professional service for your next modern interior design.


Qualities that bid Qualified Interior Designers

Quick in decision making

If you see great interior designers, you will identify them by their decision-making. They are soundly prepared to make tough judgments and decisions. For example, an interior designer should give you the best opportunity for your modern home design or even modern contemporary interior design.

Another aspect of interior design is the difficulties in combining all the varieties of interior designs, making them one, and using them in your home. It is difficult to remember all the design rules, but we have qualified experts. Who among the interior designers promises you all of these? With our 25 years of working in this field, we promise you all and even more of this.


Notice and abide by details

Giving all the simple details the necessary attention makes art a wonderful thing. A designer with modern interior design skills should prioritize this option; first, the individual should see the design as a problem. At Premium Kitchens, we identify the problem (from the ideas and client’s comments), analyze the solutions, and fine-tune the available options to figure out the best possible ways to exercise the solutions. Although we provide solutions, we do it in ways that reduce your expenses. You may verify this by talking to our customer representative via the contact page.

Make it personal

This point sounds funny; it makes the good art of designs in great designers. Clients provide comments and brief; still, a designer must invade the personal space a little further – just for creativity and excellent modern interior design. Remember that interior design is an art; a designer must get involved personally and take note of the little details before any work at all. At Premium Kitchens, we have field agents for this purpose. They undergo a study of your proposed space; their findings serve as the bedrock for the coming modern home design or modern contemporary interior design.


Predict the future

If your designer predicts the future, it reduces cost and increases accuracy. A blind approach to a design leads to unprofessional work. We combine all the options and necessary factors to make great designs at the beginning of your design. Therefore, our experts work by your budget, and there are few or no chances for an extra cost (provided there is no emergency).

Many qualities bind a professional designer. At Premium Kitchens, we gathered all these qualities from our 25 years of working experience. Our experiences in dealing with people, working on different sites, and providing quality materials make us a unique candidate for your job. Lastly, we have excellent customer service that appreciates your needs while giving details to the least. Give us a try today; we put your needs first!

6 Modern Media Room Trends We’re Expecting in 2022

Modern Media Room

Creating a modern media room or home bar needs some great ideas that feature shelving, walls, lighting, and more.

Designers do deserve a toast as they are responsible for coming up with some spectacular setups that can blow anyone’s mind. Here are some small media room ideas, plus a few more for a modern home bar.

  • Vintage walls

For a stylish bar, the walls differ from the rest of the room, and the space needs to entice your guests to come over and pour a drink.

Whitewashed antique brick walls provide a rich architectural history, ideal for any modern home bar.

  • Big screen TVs and projectors

For your modern media room, go for a big screen. This will make you feel like you are in a movie theater. Today, there are plenty of options for big screens, and you can even find one that covers a whole wall.

One impressive media room equipment would be an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector. When placed on a cabinet about a foot away, the screen can cast a brilliant display as large as 120 inches.

When not in use, the project can disappear inside the cabinet, and the screen can rise to the ceiling, and you could even use this room for other purposes.

  • Unique shelving

An eye-catching shelf and bar faucet works excellent for your modern home bar and can accentuate your walls. Glass shelving with metal accents can add a clean, modernistic look, while opting for wooden shelving can add sophistication to your home bar.

  • High tech sound systems

For your modern media room, having superior sound is a must. Some of this equipment offers soundbar and cinema systems that can literally blow you away. If you are looking for some earth-shaking sound that can rumble your whole house, Dolby is excellent and second to none.

You will be immersed in your movie and even get lost in it, which is the whole reason why you have a home media room.

  • Chunky wood accents

For the home bar, reclaimed wood is a popular material that adds a rustic texture to the modern home bar. It can be used to create some open shelves, and due to its thickness, these will undoubtedly draw attention to this drinking area.

  • Customized lighting

Small media room ideas provide plenty to work with when it comes to your media room. Light can quickly transform your simple space into a private cinema, and in fact, it is quite a necessity when you want your theater room to look the part.

But, an ideal media room design would be to have a lighting control system that’s both versatile and accommodating to all your needs.


Most Important Laundry Room Features to Add to Your Home

Laundry room features

The laundry room is often the last place that anyone thinks of when they start planning a renovation. The chances are that your laundry area has not been updated in a long time, and you probably do your laundry in a space that is devoid of extra features designed to make the process go more smoothly.

Your laundry room can be more than just a place to do laundry. It can be an organized sanctuary that helps you spend less time folding, more time appreciating clean clothes, and more time enjoying the rest of your day.


The Most Important Laundry Room Features

  1. Counter space

A little counter space in the laundry room, such as the kind that fits a washing machine and dryer, not only gives you a place to set things while you iron them, it also gives you a place for a basket that you can put dirty clothes in.


  1. Bright lighting

You cannot always control the amount of natural light that rays through your windows. Hence, you should take matters into your own hands and get the best under counter lights and cabinet lighting for your laundry room. Adding lighting makes it easier to do your chores, but it also makes your laundry room a more pleasant space to be in!


  1. A drying rack

The rack adds surface area for additional storage when it is not in use for drying clothes. You’ll find that it’s great to dry towels, sheets, and delicate items quickly and it takes advantage of space.


  1. A fold-out ironing board

When you add a fold-out ironing board to your laundry room, you will have a convenient place to smooth out defiant wrinkles. Use it to quickly press out stubborn creases from your clothes after a trip, or use it for long-term storage of blankets and other bulky items that might not fit into your closet. When not in use, fold the ironing board up and slide it off to the side.


  1. A sink

Transform your laundry area into a one-stop-shop — without sacrificing any counter space. Now you can wash, dry, and fold clothes while preparing dinner, doing homework, or chatting with family.


  1. Custom cabinets

Custom, handmade cabinets and shelves allow you to incorporate your favorite accessories and storage ideas into one unique space.

Laundry never ends. Design your laundry room to make the most of what you have, with products that meet your needs, all at competitive prices. You might be asking yourself how to achieve the perfect laundry room design that meets your needs. Luckily, Premium Kitchens provides a laundry room that truly performs by combining advanced technology, precision engineering, and timeless design. Enjoy the ease of hands-free clothes washing with our selection of innovative new laundry room elements.

What a Professional Interior Designer Looks for When Redesigning Your Home

Professional Interior Designer

When redesigning your home, a professional interior designer will require a lot of information to develop a concrete plan that will work for you.

This includes evaluating specific interior design elements that look at the whole home. It is the only way to enhance its features.


Interior Design Elements

Your space

This is the distance around and between your furniture and other objects and the main proportions in the room.

It helps the interior design expert identify a balance in the room, and it relies on both negative and positive space.

Positive space refers to how objects such as armchairs and sofas are positioned, while negative space is the gaps between them, including the circulation space or how you navigate through the room.


The lines

Lines refers to both furnishings and their structural features and can create lines that profoundly influence the feel of the room. They are usually employed to bring some attention to the room’s focal point so as to balance interior design.



An interior design expert will make use of both artificial as well as natural light for illumination. The quality and quantity of the light may seem fixed, but it is worth remembering that this can be filtered by the use of drapes and coverings on the windows.

Home lighting comes from the ambiance, and background light accents lighting and draws one’s attention to the features of the room and objects in the room.



This is pretty important to a professional interior designer. This is because color creates the mood in a room and has the power to make your space feel either lighter, cozier, or larger.

The color you select should complement the room with valuable shades for the bedrooms, energetic hues for a home office, and others.

Specific hours of the day should also affect the properties of the color you chose, whether you are using artificial or natural light. This, therefore, means that you need to consider this seriously before making the final decision.



Texture in interior design counts for how one feels and how each room looks in terms of furniture, fabrics, decorative accessories, and floorcoverings.

This contributes to a wide selection of room textures. Mixing and contrasting them adds depth to the interior design that’s interesting to the room’s whole scheme.

So, for your next redesigning project, it’s wise to find a professional interior designer to help you develop the right balance in interior design that will make your home pop!