Crafting Timeless Elegance: A Customer Spotlight on Linda and Dick

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At Premium Kitchens, our commitment goes beyond crafting Italian design- we aim to create personalized spaces that resonate with our clients’ vision and lifestyle. Linda and Dick’s journey with us showcases how our exclusive approach to luxury kitchen design can turn dreams into reality.

Inspiration Strikes: Choosing Premium Kitchens

Linda and Dick were drawn to Premium Kitchens because of our seamless process that takes care of every intricate detail. Designer, Capucine, provided assurance that they could entrust us with their entire journey, from conceptualization to installation.

She made an immediate impression on Linda and Dick. The warmth and friendliness they encountered made them feel at home, fostering a relationship that set the tone for a collaborative and enjoyable design experience.

A Designer Connection: Turning Visions into Reality

The core of Linda and Dick’s experience was their connection with our designer, Capucine. From the start, she showed an unparalleled ability to understand and materialize their ideas. This connection allowed her to ensure every aspect of the design reflected the couple’s personalities.

Linda, who loves to cook, saw her dream kitchen taking form as the perfect space for entertaining. Dick, who loves coffee, experienced this same excitement with his own coffee bar. Capucine created separate and distant areas for cooking and making coffee so the two could have their own distinct, functional spaces without compromise: a true Italian kitchen!

Balancing Design: The Designer’s Perspective

Capucine found inspiration in Linda and Dick themselves. With Linda wanting a subtle, contrast-free space and Dick seeking something unique, the challenge was clear: creating a balance in design. The designer’s task was to blend these opposing tastes into one luxury design.

The key, as Capucine describes it, is the relationship between beauty and functionality. Every detail was crafted to serve a purpose while adding to the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. The result was a timeless design that seamlessly blended the couple’s personalities, creating a space that felt uniquely theirs.

A Living Canvas: Bringing the Kitchen to Life

For Capucine, the kitchen is not just a set of cabinets and appliances; it’s a canvas that comes alive when the client steps into it. Each element was carefully chosen to maintain balance, ensuring that removing any single detail would upset the design.

One standout feature that accommodates the couple’s lifestyle is the hidden bike storage cabinet. It is testament to both convenience and innovation. This feature perfectly blends into the overall aesthetic while providing unmatched functionality.

Exceeding Expectations: The Final Thoughts

With the process concluded, Linda and Dick are overjoyed with the result. The kitchen not only met but exceeded their expectations, becoming the focal point of their home. The praise from family and friends, and even the building manager, who declared it the best kitchen he’d seen in over 20 years of managing buildings, solidified the success of this project.

In Linda and Dick’s words, what set Premium Kitchens apart was that the design process wasn’t about us – it was about them. This sentiment emphasizes our purpose: creating Italian kitchens that transcend mere functionality, becoming an extension of our clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

At Premium Kitchens, we take pride in transforming dreams into breathtaking realities. Linda and Dick’s experience is a testament to the dedication and expertise that define our luxury kitchen design.


Personalized Luxury with Italian Cabinetry

Crafting Your Dream Kitchen: Personalized Luxury with Italian Cabinetry

In our luxury kitchen design, we believe your kitchen is your canvas- where luxury meets individuality. Our commitment to crafting your dream kitchen harmonizes with the modern, timeless appeal of Italian cabinetry. This blend of luxury design and Italian cabinetry allows us to create a custom kitchen that perfectly and uniquely reflects you- delivering a kitchen with both sophistication and self-expression.

Elevate Your Space with Our Customized, Italian Design!

Tailored Elegance

Our Italian cabinetry and luxury design is not only about style; We believe in crafting an experience tailored to your personal taste and lifestyle, providing both timeless elegance and  functionality. Our custom kitchens embrace the essence of Italian design, inviting you to choose high-quality materials, finishes, and details that align with your vision. From sleek minimalist lines to ornate traditional appeals, your kitchen becomes a reflection of your distinctive elegance- creating a kitchen both you and your home are proud of.

Unique Finishes for Every Palette

We provide a vast assortment of finishes in Italian cabinetry to ensure a kitchen creation for every palette. Whether you prefer the warmth of rich wood tones or the sophistication of polished finishes, our designers work directly with you to curate the perfect palette of colors and textures that mirrors your unique style. Redefine elegance to fit your personal expression.

Functional Artistry

In our custom kitchens, Italian cabinetry celebrates the blend of beauty and functionality. Every detail is designed to cater to your specific habits and needs. From hidden storage concepts to efficient layouts, your kitchen becomes a seamless extension of your lifestyle. One that embodies both form and function.


Our luxury design invites you to create your dream kitchen through Italian cabinetry. Let your kitchen mirror the perfect reflection of you. Each element, from the grand design to the intricate details, tells a story that is uniquely yours. Experience the blend of luxury and individuality through your vision and our precision.

Designing Your Dream Kitchen: Why Luxury Kitchens in Fl Are Worth the Investment

luxury kitchens in Fl 33408

Luxury kitchens in Florida are not only a status symbol but also a great investment for your home. Whether you plan to sell your home in the future or want to enjoy it for years, a luxurious kitchen can add value and enjoyment to your life.

This blog article explains why high-end kitchens in Fl are worth the effort, time, and investment.


1. Luxury kitchens are highly durable.

Apart from the beauty and elegance of luxury kitchens in Fl, they are built with durability to ensure their longevity. If you have ever stepped into a luxury kitchen, the first thing you might notice is the high-end materials used throughout the cooking space.

The countertops, cabinets, lighting, and floorings are designed to match style with durability. Hence, your luxury kitchen will maintain its beauty and function for years.

2. Luxury kitchens are built for premium function.

Another reason a luxury kitchen in Fl is worth the investment is its functionality. The kitchen has lasting specs with specific functions in mind. The appliances and materials in a luxurious kitchen are chosen to make cooking easier and help you perform kitchen chores more efficiently.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, think about high-end features like ample storage, a smart and unique layout, and high-end appliances, all of which contribute to the complete function of your luxurious kitchen.

3. Luxury kitchens are perfect for house parties.

Why set up canopies and chairs outside the house when you can use your luxury kitchen to entertain your guests? Another unique fact about luxury kitchens in Fl is that they are perfect for entertainment.

Whenever you feel like hosting a house-mini party, you do not need to worry about the venue: your luxury kitchen can be used to host your guests.

4. Customized luxury kitchen matches your style and preference.

A luxury kitchen allows you to have appliances and materials different from your neighbors. You can talk with a designer to choose the countertops, sinks, and floorings that suit your taste and meet the preference of your home, and family needs. Why go with popular choices when you can have yours customized?

5. Luxury kitchens add value to your home.

High-end kitchens in Fl increase the value and profitable use of your home. If you ever decide to rent it out or sell it, potential buyers will be pleased with the quality and design of your kitchen. As a result, your home will be sold at a high and reasonable price.


Take a Step Towards Luxury!

You can take a step closer to remodeling your kitchen to a luxury kitchen in Fl by contacting the best designers for the job. Premium Kitchens is here in Florida to make your dream kitchen designs come true.

We have remained in the business for many years, and our clients trust our sense of judgment in choosing quality materials and designs for their kitchens. Contact us today, and let’s make your kitchen work for you!

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets: Is It Time To Go Green?

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways to help the planet, not just cutting back on driving less or using reusable straws. Revamping most of your house to make it greener can play an essential role in reducing the plants’ carbon footprint.

One aspect is choosing flooring and furniture from organic materials. Most importantly, when it has to do with your kitchen, you may end up paying tons of money for a kitchen cabinet that is harmful to your home’s air quality and the environment at large.

To stop that from happening, eco-friendly kitchen cabinets are recommended.

We’ve listed some of the best environmentally friendly cabinets and eco-friendly kitchen cabinets perfect for your kitchen and the environment:

The Best Environmentally Friendly Cabinets 

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet

Bamboo is a sustainable material and a beautiful flooring alternative. These cabinets are usually formaldehyde-free and have an abnormal but appealing grain that adds a unique dimension to your kitchen.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable wood for cabinets, which is a rapidly renewable material that regenerates in 10 years and is considerably stronger than other hardwoods, perfect for an eco-friendly kitchen cabinet.


Lyptus Kitchen Cabinets

This is one of the best environment-friendly cabinets and renewable resources made from Lyptus, produced from a hybrid eucalyptus tree. Reaching usable maturity in about 12 to 15 years.

It takes a quarter growing time needed for other hardwood trees to grow. Better yet, it regenerates from the remnants of harvested trees. It feels and looks the same as red oak and mahogany. Furthermore, their color variety is unique, ranging from darker earth and light pink color.

Reclaimed Or Salvaged Kitchen Cabinet Wood

Most decorators and designers use reclaimed and salvaged interchangeably, with few differences. However, both wood options are excellent eco-friendly kitchen cabinets and most sustainable wood for furniture; reclaimed wood is used for constructing buildings.

In contrast, salvaged wood retains its natural state. Both alternatives add more history and character to your kitchen. Lather on a brilliant stain with a non-toxic wood sealer, you will be blown away by the best environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets.

ESP- and FSC- Certified Kitchen cabinets

If you are not a fan of kitchen cabinets of above wood, we recommend looking for cabinets with Environmental stewardship Program ESP or Forest stewardship council FSC seal or stickers. These stickers will assist designers, consumers, and builders in identifying the best environmentally friendly cabinets or products. Cabinets with these stickers will meet product management resources, air quality requirements, and other strict environmental requirements.

Formaldehyde-free Kitchen cabinet

This is one of the most sustainable cabinet materials. Look out for a kitchen cabinet that is formaldehyde-free. Woodworkers usually build kitchen cabinets and interior cabinets out of fiberboard, particleboard, or plywood, all retaining formaldehyde binders.

It is known as a carcinogen. You’ll be advised to steer clear of such cabinets that include these materials. Always request low to non-VOC and formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets to guarantee it’s an eco-friendly wood.

What Key Items Make Up A Great Contemporary Kitchen?

contemporary kitchen cabinets

A kitchen plan for a new renovation or new kitchen can help give your home a refreshingly up-to-date contemporary feel. They feature contemporary kitchen cabinets and are user-friendly with a modern kitchen design that’s useful to the entire family.

Primary elements of contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary or modern kitchen designs are usually minimalist and feature liner, and geometric themes. Unequal balance is mostly a trend in modern kitchen décor. Contemporary cabinets and molding are very easy and feature modest styles.

Characteristics of Contemporary kitchen designs:

  • Cabinets are frameless and use simple and large hardware
  • Door styles are  horizontal lift or basic slab
  • Door inserts or frosted glass panel
  • Geometric lines and angles
  • Laminate surfaces in bold and white colors
  • Sweeping curves in cabinets or countertop
  • Delicate woods with a grain like a maple, ash, or birch
  • Metal components including copper, chrome, or stainless steel
  • Lighting that is adjustable and abundant.

Cabinet Choices

Contemporary kitchen cabinets or contemporary white kitchen cabinets are obvious because of the focus on the rectangle and square shapes. The cabinet frame is hidden by slab front doors.

The contemporary cabinet is meant to reach the ceiling for large storage capabilities. Some popular features are:

Deep drawers for pans and pots

Upper sections with glass doors

Open shelving section to break up cabinet space

Backsplashes And Countertops

The stone countertops are an integral part of the contemporary kitchen designs, Marble and granite remain favorites, recycled glass and butt quartz have gained popularity.

Breakfast and island Bars

Breakfast and island bars remain a pleasing feature for a contemporary kitchen. When your kitchen is huge enough to accommodate an island, you can make a color statement by painting it differently from the cabinets. A breakfast bar can be a huge part of the island spec or part of the kitchen cabinet that separates the family room or dining room from the kitchen area.

Choice Of Color

You are not restricted to a specific color palette for your contemporary kitchen design. Bright modern kitchen colors are a trending contemporary choice that gives your kitchen a classic and state-of-the-art sight to see. However, if bright and bold are your taste, then certainly contemporary kitchen design is naturally made for you.


There are seemingly endless flooring options for modern kitchen design. Wood and tile remain good choices. Vinyl plank flooring and other patterns are very popular selections and make floor maintenance a cinch. With the popular open concept for contemporary homes, you want to keep design continuity between the living, dining, and kitchen areas.


The lighting for a modern kitchen design is usually a mix of types of lighting. Ceiling lights are a must for ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting makes for great task lighting, as do pendant lighting fixtures that are commonly used above islands and breakfast bars.

Overhead lighting fixtures can be flush to the ceiling or more prominent semi-flush. A formal kitchen design may feature a chandelier or mini-chandeliers.

A contemporary kitchen design has a designated feature that makes it simple to recognize the style. However, you have the choice to design your kitchen to stamp your personal by taking advantage of the numerous choices at your disposal.

How The Soft Close Cabinet Hinges For The Kitchen Work

soft close cabinet hinges

Soft-close cabinet hinges are a must-have for any kitchen. No one wants to be startled by loud cabinet doors slamming shut. There is nothing worse than trying to sneak a late-night snack with the family only to be interrupted by the sound of your cabinets closing.

Tried and true, soft close hinges are among the most popular upgrades to add to your cabinet doors. They were initially designed for more industrial applications like office cabinets but have also made their way into home cabinets.

Soft close hinges can come in several styles, but all do the same thing: they allow the door to fall closed without making a noise gently. Some soft close hinges are spring-loaded, and others use silicone dampeners that dampen the door’s movement, so it closes slowly and silently.


How Do Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Work?

Soft close cabinet hinges are designed to ensure that doors will close without slamming. They are installed in pairs, one on the door and one on the cabinet frame. When a soft close hinge is activated, it pulls against the cabinet frame and closes slowly. The amount of force exerted by a soft close hinge can be adjusted with an adjustment screw.

Soft close hinges are commonly used on cabinets mounted above kitchen sinks, where they help avoid damage to dishes and glassware caused by slamming doors. They are also useful when mounting cabinets in areas where children may be present, as they help prevent injuries caused by flying cabinet doors.

Soft close drawer slides are a great way to create a nice, soft close for your drawers. They are easy to install, and they don’t require any real tools. The best part is, they can be easily removed if you want to take them off or change something later on down the road.

Self closing cabinet hinges are a great way to improve the usability and aesthetic of kitchen cabinets. There are many benefits of soft-close kitchen cabinet hinges. Some of them are:

  1. Safety- The magnetic catch is designed with a magnet that will not only help keep the cabinet closed but also keep it from slamming shut. This is very important if you have small children in the kitchen because they can get hurt quite easily if they’re not paying attention or if they’re still moving around.
  2. Soft Close- The soft close hinge uses a unique dampening system that allows the door to close safely and softly. This is great because it will prevent your doors from getting damaged or dented up over time and prevent any accidents from happening.
  3. Durability- These hinges are durable and made from high-quality stainless steel, making them great for long-term use. They won’t wear down after being used over and over again like other types of hinges tend to do.
  4. Value- These hinges are very affordable for what you get in return. The quality you receive is comparable to much more expensive hinges on the market today, but these will cost you less.

Soft closing cabinet hinges and self closing drawer slides are a great addition to any home. They make your cabinets more resistant to slamming and protect your cabinets from the natural wear and tear you can expect over the years. It’s a small addition, but one with significant results.

Flat Kitchen Cabinets Offer a Sleek Design


Are you unhappy with your kitchen? Do you wish for something more sleek and modern to give your kitchen an elegant appearance? What you need is the help of professional kitchen designers, such as the experts here at Premium Kitchens. If you’re looking for a sleek design for your kitchen remodel, a major factor to consider is the style of cabinets that you want. Ever see those flat kitchen cabinets in beautiful kitchens and think, “That’s what I want my kitchen to look like?” These are referred to as frameless cabinets, in contrast to the more traditional framed ones. If you’re located in Broward County, then we can come and help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.


The Benefits of Flat Kitchen Cabinets

The typical style of cabinet doors and drawers is a framed style. This refers to the thicker doors that are on the outside of the cabinet itself and are commonly used for their traditional design and sturdy nature. That said, one notable flaw with this design is that it sacrifices storage space since the door needs to be larger than the cabinet space. Frameless doors and drawers must fit the storage size exactly, so you’ll actually have more space in each of your drawers and cabinets to work with. In addition, frameless doors and drawers are actually easier to open and thus can offer an accessibility benefit.


Naturally, these are also the prime choice when aiming for a modern and sleek kitchen design. Framed doors and drawers can look bulky and add unwanted “weight” to the look and feel of your kitchen. Frameless flat doors and drawers will clean up the silhouette of your kitchen, and the effects will make it look more high-end and luxurious. Creating the flawless and sleek dream kitchen starts with the structure of it after all, and with the beautiful materials at Premium Kitchens, we can ensure your frameless doors and drawers complement your new layout perfectly.


Why Choose Premium Kitchens

With over 25 years of experience, Premium Kitchens has been working with homeowners in Florida to achieve their dream kitchens. We offer world-class design, intricate detailing, professional knowledge, masterful design, and beautiful materials imported from Italy to ensure that our kitchen designs not only look fantastic but are also of high quality. We have a high-end showroom for clients to see for themselves, and we work to make our showroom an experience that will make you confident in our ability to bring your dream kitchen to life. With a passionate staff that lives and breathes luxurious design, we can not only offer fantastic kitchens but are also able to work with any room in the house.


Contact Florida Kitchen Designers Today

Ready to modernize your kitchen with frameless, flat kitchen cabinets? The first step is locating kitchen designers near you, and if you’re located in Broward County, Premium Kitchens is available to offer you an amazing experience. You can contact one of our offices in either Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, FL. Make an appointment today, stop by our showroom, or call for more details.