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How To Select The Best Cabinet Door Handles For Your Home

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  • December 06, 2021

Selecting any kitchen cabinet hardware for your home can be a daunting task, especially with so many options out there. Cabinet handles are no exception and this can end up becoming one of the hardest jobs you will ever do.

There’s a wide range to choose from such as;

  • Minimalist Style.
  • No Hardware.
  • Matching Cabinets.
  • Cylinder Bar Pulls.
  • Square Bar Pulls.
  • Simple Knobs.
  • Farmhouse Style.
  • Matte Black.

So, how do you choose? Well, here’s a look at what to consider;

Consider the Size and Position of the Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

The exact position for the handles, balance, proportion, function, and aesthetics is a serious consideration and must be made before you choose the right types of drawer pulls.

An oversized kitchen cabinet pulls will need an even larger piece of kitchen cabinet hardware. The smaller one will need smaller hardware.

Here’s the general rule of thumb: For transitional or traditional types of cabinet pulls, always ensure that there is a one-third length to the cabinet drawers. Any drawer that’s more than eighteen inches wide will require to have more than one cabinet knob or Cabinet pulls.

Now, for the contemporary design, this will need to have longer pulls which are at least two-thirds the length of the cabinet drawer or door.

Hardware Styles

The type of hardware you choose should reflect your overall kitchen design. Basically, there are five main categories; Transitional, contemporary, eclectic, traditional, and rustic.

The Material Types

You will need to choose the type of material you will use for your cabinet knobs or drawer knobs. Most of the material is either metal, brass, or alloys, and typically they have a lacquer or a plating that provides it with a clean finish that’s durable in the kitchen.

If you choose antimicrobial, this will help you reduce germs, while bronze offers a substantial feel and look that’s quite chic. This also works great for cabinet handles that are thick, while stainless steel is another excellent option as it is easy to keep clean and durable.

Nickel and pewter are also extremely popular choices as well, and if you choose to go with crystal, ceramic, or glass kitchen cabinet hardware, then you will end up with a vintage look.

Types of Finishes

Once you have chosen your hardware and material, then the next step is to choose the right finish. There are plenty of options to choose from such as satin, matte, brushed, oil-rubbed, painted, weathered, etc.

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