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How to specialize a custom built Italian cabinet?

Best Italian Kitchen Cabinets in fl
  • August 16, 2021

Your kitchen says a lot about you, and an Italian-designed cookhouse is almost everything that anyone may ask for. Are you searching for a ‘modern Italian kitchen designer near me’? No need to worry since you are in the right place to get to your dream kitchen.

You have probably heard about the MAISTRI and OLIVIERI designs, and guess what? They have been brought closer by Premium Kitchens, located at the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It’s the 21st-century guys, do not look at kitchen catalogs with shiny and amazing finishes and get the best Italian kitchen cabinets for your home.

Visit one of Premium Kitchens’ high-end showrooms and have an experience that is worth talking about. With twenty-five years of experience decorating most kitchens’ interiors in South Florida, you could never go wrong.

Why are these the best Italian kitchen cabinets?

World Class designs

Talk of International standards, and these kitchen cabinets with attractive 3D renderings will make it to the list. It is not because they are imported from Italy, the land of culture and art, but due to the artistry.

As I had mentioned earlier, these are styles from MAISTRI and OLIVIERI, the masters of interior kitchen decorations.

  1. Professional Knowledge

Almost everyone wants kitchen cabinets that will keep their family and friends talking. And these cabinets are the perfect meaning of intricate and exceptional. Premium Kitchen’s passionate staff can combine a 45-degree beveled edge front with a 45-degree cut worktop to appear rigid, grounded, earthen, and even floating.

  1. Masterful designs

Their extraordinary countertops say it all. Natural stones of solid color or gorgeously patterned ones are cut smoothly at 2cm and 6cm wide for the full body. This design not only centers the space in your room but also maximizes it.

This means that you can push the counters to access your sink or cooking area whenever you need them. Moreover, they can be customized to a maximum of 320cm by 122cm.

  1. Advanced technologies

Thanks to the up-to-date technology, you do not have to apply force while opening or closing these cabinets. All you have to do is push once or make use of the sunken handle grip, and you are good to go.

Say goodbye to pulling and pushing hardware handles that are prone to wear and tear.

  1. Are you worried about the size of your kitchen or living space?

These cabinets are good to go for almost any kitchen or office. This is because they do not feature any frames, making them unique and, therefore, modifiable. So, how do they look? It is all about what you want.

For instance, most clients prefer fixing their cabinets at the corner of the room. Does it have an added advantage? Yes, they will enable you to keep everything away from sight.

That means it is perfect if you would like to transform your kitchen into a working space. The cabinets can also be very tall to suit your needs. And the shelves, pullout trays, and swing doors are accustomed just for you.


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For ’a modern Italian kitchen designer near me’ or the best Italian kitchen cabinets in Fort Lauderdale, go to Premium Kitchens. They offer a variety of designs to choose from at their showroom.

What are you waiting for? Call Premium Kitchens today and transform your kitchen and living space!

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