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Italian Kitchen Design vs. Modern Kitchen Design in Palm Beach Gardens

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  • August 15, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear Italian kitchen? A cooking area with a rustic feel featuring natural elements, warm colors reflecting the Mediterranean sea, and natural light mirroring Italy’s best kitchen feature.

From its visual appeal to comfy interior and illumination, what’s not to love about Italian kitchen designs? Italian kitchen design may be traditional with warm countryside charm or modern with sleek features.

Before choosing a suitable kitchen design and a beautiful kitchen designer in Palm Beach Gardens

, you’ll need to understand the differences between traditional and modern Italian kitchens. Meanwhile, are you looking for modern kitchen design showrooms near me? Premium Kitchens are a call away.


What Makes a Traditional Italian kitchen Different From a Modern Italian kitchen?

Traditional Italian Kitchen

Rustic, natural elements and warm colors best describe the traditional Italian kitchen. This design features outdoor and natural elements like terracotta, stone, etc. Warm colors like yellow and orange, reflecting sunlight, are usually the theme of a traditional kitchen.

Lighting fixtures made from wrought-iron chandeliers work well for this design. Need help with choosing furniture and other elements in your kitchen? A beautiful kitchen designer in Boca Raton can guide you in your selection.



Modern Italian Kitchen

A modern Italian kitchen has a more sophisticated and sleek touch than its counterpart. This design depicts functionality and style at its best.

The modern Italian kitchen features integrated appliances compared to the traditional design with decorative accessories. Its cabinets made from lacquer, metal, or wood veneers reflect beauty and elegance at their peak.

Furthermore, modern kitchens have reflective glass to display cooking appliances and other items. If you’re searching for Italy-inspired kitchen remodeling showrooms near me, Premium Kitchens has the best kitchen remodels you can’t resist.


Italian Kitchen Design Tips

  • Choose an open kitchen for a clutter-free look. Italian kitchens are sought after due to their neat and organized look.
  • To maximize space, add a foldable breakfast counter to your kitchen.
  • Keep your kitchen counter free from clutter by installing an appliance garage.
  • Vibrant colors are the new cool. Enliven your kitchen with colorful themes.
  • Incorporate various textures, finishes, and materials in your kitchen design.
  • Lighting makes a huge difference in your kitchen. Ensure your space allows natural light in to keep it illuminated. Large windows promote ventilation, giving your kitchen a spacious and bright look.

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