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Top 20 Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash Patterns

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  • May 16, 2022

After remodeling your kitchen, choosing the backsplash patterns is never easy. The first thing you have to consider is your budget, easy-to-clean materials, and kitchen size. You don’t have to do away with kitchen backsplash trends; you can get perfect kitchen backsplash materials with effort and patience.

The best kitchen backsplash patterns will give your kitchen an exciting look; most kitchen walls need backsplash because of stains like splashes of oil or water that splash when cooking. The splash damages your wall; you need kitchen backsplash patterns to protect your wall.

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The Top 20 Best Kitchen Backsplash Patterns To Choose From

Glossy Tiles

Choosing glossy tile as one of your kitchen backsplash materials can turn out to be quite positive since it is easy to clean and give your kitchen a better illusion. Glossy tiles are fancy, and you can use them in myriad colors.


Solid walls make the kitchen look boring; you can use a window as your kitchen backsplash patterns to allow natural light, and you can get them installed from your countertop up to the ceiling.

Neutral Patterns 

Patterned kitchen backsplash tiles can be beautiful and they add a sleek modern look when you add neutral pattern tiles. It makes your kitchen look warmer; for example, if you make shades of brown color and cream, it will add a rustic look to your kitchen

High Ceilings

Create a beautiful high room illusion by running kitchen tiles up to the ceiling instead of installing backsplash patterns. It will give your kitchen dramatic essence, which can be used for formal and informal looks.

Use Triangles 

Triangles are beautiful and can add color to your kitchen backsplash trends. Triangle patterns are perfect for adding a contemporary look to your kitchen.


Vertical Wood

If you are looking for an elongation element in your kitchen, use vertical wood. It blends perfectly with your wooden countertops, especially if they are of the same color. Vertical wood is one of the best kitchen backsplash trends to add warmth to your kitchen.


Matching Kitchen Island

Suppose you have an island kitchen; you better choose backsplash patterns that will complement its look. Be creative and use matching backsplash tiles, countertops, and floor for your kitchen island to give it a cohesive look.


Painted Glass

Glass tiles add a touch of class to your kitchen backsplash trends, try out mosaic tiles, modern glass tiles, or painted glass tiles to give your kitchen a modern fancy look.


Use shiny stainless steel 

Shiny Stainless steel can be a perfect kitchen backsplash material because it can maintain the kitchen’s overall sheen.


Matte Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a perfect kitchen backsplash materials for finishing, pick a stainless matte finish to add the dull but fancy look to your kitchen since it reflects the light giving out a soft atmosphere


Abstracts Pattern 

Nothing could bring out an elegant look like abstract patterns; using them as your backsplash pattern makes your kitchen look excellent. For example, try the honeycomb tiles and enjoy the relaxed look.


Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are one of the kitchen backsplash trends with an excellent outcome. They will give your kitchen a playful finish, and to make it more interesting; you can hang your wine glasses on the golden shelves.


Multicolor Geometric Prints

You can use different colors on your geometric prints to get unique backsplash patterns. Use different sizes and shapes to make it more dramatic.


Tiles And Marbles

Using a combination of tiles and marbles as your kitchen backsplash materials creates an exciting contrast in your kitchen and is cheaper than using stone on the entire wall.


Chevron Patterns 

If you use chevron as backsplash patterns, ‌create an exciting backsplash with a lot of structure. Chevron tiles are easy to fix in unfamiliar patterns when making them convenient.


Brick Backsplash

This is for the rustic look lovers, which is warm. Since actual brick is hard to clean, you can use artificial brick for your wall. To achieve kitchen backsplash trends, use brick backsplash for your wood floor.


Mirrored Wall

You can substitute glass tiles with mirrored tiles to give your kitchen a larger illusion and reflect the natural light.


Make Use Of Corresponding Colors

Using corresponding colors will make your kitchen look warm and cool altogether. Making the backsplash patterns with colors could give your kitchen a distinct look at a friendly price.


Bright Walls 

Adding color to your kitchen walls makes it look inviting. You can use colors such as wallpaper, patterned walls, paint, or stencil.


Half Way Tile And Color

When you use color and tiles, the results are spectacular backsplash patterns. You can get creative and use a combination of colors to bring a differentiation to the backsplash walls.


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